My Hair Care (Or Lack Thereof)

For all that I love and invest in my makeup, my hair care habits seem completely opposite at first glance. I wash, condition, and brush my hair once every four or five days.


That’s it.

Pretty simple, right?

The thing is, I do take care of my hair. I am greatly invested in it. I like dyeing the tips all different colors, and that is actually a lot of upkeep because they have to be bleached, which weakens the hair, and then dyed and redyed quite often. It’s just that that I’ve figured out how to keep my hair healthy without having to rely on a lot of products or spending a lot of time on it.

I do have to admit, I’ve got genetics mostly going for me. I’ve got thick, straight hair that I usually grow very long. I don’t have to brush it every day, and if it’s up in a braid or a bun for too long, any weird curves will fall out quickly enough.

My secret is a sulfate-free shampoo. Generally, sulfates in shampoos remove all of the oil in your hair, which makes your scalp produce the oil more quickly, which makes it feel greasy more quickly, so you have to wash your hair more often. Sulfate-free shampoos balance things out, and you don’t have to wash it quite so often because everything’s much more in check. This also helps with protecting against color fading. I use DermOrganic Daily Conditioning Shampoo. While it can seem more expensive than normal shampoos, washing my hair less often and using less of it mean that the bottle lasts much longer.

I then condition my tips. I generally try to use conditioner for long or dry/damaged hair. Don’t rinse it out right away! Keeping it on your hair longer helps your hair absorb more moisture, making it healthier and softer.

I pat at my hair a little (don’t rub) and then spray Healthy Sexy Hair Leave-In Conditioner before combing through my wet hair. Combing may take more time than brushing, but it’s also healthier, as brushing breaks more strands. I let it air-dry, and if I have to go outside while it’s drying, I stick it in a braid to combat the worst of the moisture and wind and prevent frizziness.

I like sticking my hair up into a bun, ponytail, or braid, and leaving it down, but I switch between styles throughout the day, depending on where I am, what I’m doing, and what it’s like temperature-wise. I haven’t used a hair straightener, curling iron, or hair dryer in months, either.

So the bottom line: I care about my hair. I just care enough to not have to care for it.

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