My Foray into Liquid Lipstick

So I’m supposed to be working on an academic paper for my professor, and should actually be done by now, but professional writing is boring. Also, I have references to do, and that will take me forever. And so here I am, procrastinating. I do that well.

Anyway, I was in Target the other day and saw that Revlon has a new line of liquid lipstick. It’s called ColorStay Ultimate. Now, among my favorite lip products is Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain, and while I never had worn liquid lipstick before, I first thought that was like a liquid lipstick. So I didn’t quite know what to make of this. And I bought it. In Ultimate Orchid.

It’s a very bright pink with a slightly cool tone. I didn’t expect it to be quite so vivid. The first time I wore it, I glooped it on kind of thick without wearing any lip balm under it, and that was an absolute mistake. It dries a little strangely – it dried my lips out so much, but was sticky (the in between stage once it’s applied but before it’s fully dried) forever. I didn’t want to have to open my lips or have to talk. I put some lip balm on it after an hour or so, and it didn’t do anything but made it worse. It didn’t help my dry lips and only seemed to add moisture back to the lipstick. It was also a pain to get off, and only slowly wears off.

I tried it more sparingly today. I put lip balm on first, and then was careful with the application to get an even amount of the lipstick everywhere without using too much. It dried much better, though the texture does end up almost a little sticky for a while, and the color was not quite an eyesore. It lasted for about seven hours or so before I decided to touch up the color. I’m not too crazy about the color – I didn’t expect it to be quite so saturated, even when using a thin layer, and it’s just a little too bold for an everyday look.

I’m not quite crazy over the packaging – it looks like a large lip gloss stick, nothing more and nothing less. I personally really liked the more compact, rectangular feel of the Moisture Stain. It was shorter, a little thicker, and rectangular, which, along with how unusual the product was, helped convince me to try something that otherwise looked like lip gloss, which I normally don’t care for. I’ve seen other liquid lipsticks in different bottles and tubes, and they look much more interesting than this.

And speaking of the Moisture Stain… I think I prefer that over the liquid lipstick. They both use the same wand, but while the lipstick had to be thin, the stain first went on more like a gloss, and more product could be used. The glossiness faded quickly, kind of the way that the liquid lipstick dries, but while the lipstick ends up still as a layer, sometimes with a little stickiness, the stain just leaves the color. You can apply more of the stain or leave your lips, and while you have to watch that the color doesn’t run, it still looks fine. The lipstick looks like it should for longer, but I feel more comfortable with the stain.

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