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So a little while ago I decided to splurge and buy the Too Faced Cat Eyes palette. It’s got nine colors, with a guide for three looks to start off with, each using a row of three colors. This is my third palette from Too Faced, and while cat eyes on their own are not my favorite style and I was a little hesitant about the colors, I decided to give it a try.

First, my thoughts on the palette:

I like Too Faced’s palettes. They all come in the same style, a tin with a magnet close and the same shape and with nine colors, three of which are larger than the others, a mirror, and a slide-in booklet that gives three starter looks. Each palette has a different theme, and so the colors of the tin and booklet are each individualized. From a marketing standpoint, it works well – the products are recognizable for consumers and manufacturing is probably much easier than having something completely new. It’s also nicer to stack multiple palettes together and have them all be the same dimension. The exterior of this palette is covered in cheetah print and definitely stands out.

As a gimmick, the wet/dry idea seemed a little odd to me. It’s a well-known trick to wet eyeshadow and be able to use it as a liner (or just for an easier application and longer-lasting, bolder color), and I have used other Too Faced shadows wet before, so the entire idea didn’t feel exciting for me, and the emphasis on this idea just seemed forced. Having three looks that relied on wetting shadow is one thing, but implying that it was revolutionary felt dishonest. I was half hoping for there to be something special about these wet/dry colors.

I also wasn’t entirely sold on all the colors, but decided to give the palette a chance.

My thoughts on the starter looks:

The first one was much too light. Leopard, the wet/dry liner color, was much too light for my eyelashes, even before putting mascara on, and I normally like a bit more contouring than the look called for with just using Tiger’s Eye along the crease.

The second one was okay. Using multiple colors for liners has always been an interesting look, and I’ve done it for years. But it calls on using Tiger’s Eye as well, which highlights the fact that for me to really like these looks and colors, they all seem to need at least one more color to really be pulled off.

The third look was also fun. It’s the only one that uses a real black as a liner. I had problems getting Kitty Glitter to show up, even when wet, and it’s probably one of the first sparkle eyeshadows where that’s happened to me – usually wetting it makes it look fabulous. The only thing I felt was missing from this was a little bit of smudged color on the outer half of the upper lashline (using Panther dry like in the crease and along the lower lashline).

As a whole, these looks seemed designed for someone who doesn’t wear black eyeliner everyday, to try a style and see how they could be integrated into a normal makeup routine. They’re versatile, but it also seemed that each look needs just one or two more colors to really be exceptional – I’d prefer a color for the lid itself that is different from the color for the browbone. If these were sold as three separate three-piece shadow kits, they wouldn’t be that successful. But having them together is what makes this a true palette, where the addition of another color or two is best.

So I offer you a revised day look with a bit more bite.

A revamped look using the "Day" colors of the Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette
A revamped look using the “Day” colors of the Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette

Cat Eye Day Look

First, I used Purr on my browbone, inner corner of my eye, and along the inner half of my lid. Next, I used Tiger’s Eye on the outer half of my eye. Then, I used Leopard along my crease and lash lines in an “E” shape. I extend the line in the crease a lot for more contouring. I blended more of Tiger’s Eye along the upper half of my crease to give a slightly smoky look. I still made a cat eye by applying Leopard wet, but as you’re able to tell, it barely shows up. Because I rely on black eyeliner, I made a super thin line with my Revlon ColorStay Liquid Pen along the upper lash line (I contemplated using Panther, the black shade, wet, but wasn’t as comfortable with drawing such a thin line from the brush). I then lined my waterlines with my Revlon ColorStay retractable pencil and used a little Maybelline Colossal Volum’Express Mascara. I also used the Leopard shade on my eyebrows.

Overall, I thought this look was okay. I used a lot of Leopard dry, so the wet liner really blended into that, making it stand out less than in the first look, but that’s okay because I like things a bit more smoky. I should have done something to make it stand out more, maybe by using a black cat eye or something. All three of these shades were shimmery or sparkly, and it really shows. Something about the contouring also reminded me slightly of a 1960s makeup vibe, probably having to do with the shades and shimmery nature. It’s strange, because I didn’t do much of anything differently than normal, as far as contouring went.

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