My Daily Eye Look

My Daily Eye Look

I like playing with all sorts of eye makeup tricks, but sometimes bright blue eyeshadow or a super smoky look just doesn’t work.

First, it was an on-site construction management internship, where I wanted to wear makeup but not look like it because, well, it’s a construction site where I was one of two women. Then it was a semester working in the Financial District, where I wanted to look professional enough to be there, because looking like I’m thirteen and being 4’11” don’t help at all. I also like toning things down for church (I’m in the choir).

And if I get fast enough for a natural look for when I haven’t slept in two days before a major presentation and want to look half-decent without feeling like reviewers are judging me for being more put-together than my presentation? Also a plus.

While on the internship, I bought Too Faced Natural Eyes palette. The brand has since released the Natural Matte palette, which¬†made each color matte. I haven’t tried it yet – I’m debating whether or not to buy it, as I already have several colors, but am still interested in it.

It’s like all Too Faced palettes – the same metal case with magnet clasp, same bit with three starter looks, same set of nine colors grouped in threes to go with said looks. One of my major concerns about this palette was that the center row for the “Classic” look was too shimmery when all were used, which was addressed with the Natural Matte palette. But Push-Up, one of the colors in this row, is a beautiful shade that looks wonderful with my eye color and I doubt the matte version works as well. Overall, it’s probably a 4/5 or 4.5/5.

So how do I wear this? I use all three rows about the same amount, and apply them the same. I use the three base colors (the larger ones on the left) on the browbone and inner eye. Heaven usually goes on the upper half of the browbone and the inner corner, though if I use the middle look I’ll use Silk Teddy for the inner corner. Then I use nudie to get everything else between the browbone and the crease, going heavy on the inner part above the inner eye. I generally go with imagining a straight line from where my brow starts to ends, and everything above that is light and everything below that is dark. This helps contour the eye.

Then I go with my choice of rows. The middle color goes on the lid, and the third color in an E shape in the crease and along the lashlines. I go pretty far into the inner half of my eye for my crease, as I like contouring it a lot.

I then finish off with liner and mascara. Some days, I only use a little liquid liner on top, others I get my waterlines as well. It depends on what I’m doing each day.

Daily look using Heaven, Nudie, Honey Pot, and Chocolate Martini.
Daily look using Heaven, Nudie, Honey Pot, and Chocolate Martini.

Today, I used Heaven, Nudie, Honey Pot, and Chocolate Martini. I did not use liner on my bottom lashes or mascara. I also kept the darkest color, Chocolate Martini, fairly light.

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