Whim Nail Polish

Whim Nail Polish

This is Whim polish in Do You Lilac Me? I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect light purple nail polish for a while now, and decided to try this one. It’s lighter in the bottle than on my fingers, though, and the color on me actually reminds me of the shade of plastic that all purple things for little girls seem to be. Like, a Barbie doll’s purple shoes would be this exact shade. This is not what I imagined my ideal purple would be. The picture looks a little blue-ish on my screen, but it’s actually an equal mix of blue and pink hues. More of one or the other will shine through based on lighting.

As far as packaging goes, it’s a little weird. The top feels a little cheap, and the side profile of the bottle is curved forward a little, convex on front and concave on back. It would be nicer to see if the lid also followed these lines, or if they were exaggerated a little more so it was more noticeable (I only realized this after buying the polish).

As far as consistency goes, it was a pretty decent formula. Several nails looked like they only needed one coat but applying it was a little weird. The brush dragged the polish awkwardly a lot and required another coat above that to smooth everything out.

I¬†usually get about three or four days out of a polish, even with a base and top coat. I’m brutal to my polish, though my nails are actually very healthy and can grow pretty long (I just cut them in this picture). This won’t last that, simply because I don’t like the color. I’ll have to use one of my four open bottles of nail polish remover (I really don’t know how that happened).

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