July Ipsy Glam Bag!

July Ipsy Glam Bag!

Everyone who has an Ipsy account already knows what this month’s theme is – Summer Lovin’. The bag is cute and bright, just perfect for summer. My bag included:
Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Lip Conditioner in Vanilla Coconut Cream
Teeez Read My Lips Lipstick in Killing Me Softly
City Color HD Finishing Powder
Ofra Eyeshadow/Highlighter in Bliss
Coolway Beachy Salt Spray

File Jul 24, 16 24 50

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Lip Balm
Full-Sized Product – $10.

Honestly, the first thing I did when I saw this was wonder if the brand had anything to do with the TV show. Thankfully, it doesn’t. It’s from a woman who lives at the shore, and offers organic skincare and makeup. It’s a normal enough lip balm container, like Chapstick or Blistex, but the coloring on the packaging has a lot of brown and looks like it would tie in more with a tropical jungle than the Jersey shore.

It smells strongly. I can smell some of the vanilla, but it smells kind of like Buttered Popcorn Dum Dum Pops, which is weird. I’m not big on very strong lip smells, and haven’t had such a strong smell that lingers on my lips from a balm before. I’m not totally crazy over that, or the fact that it’s super shiny. It’s not quite like a lip gloss, but it’s the shiniest balm I’ve ever tried. And it feels okay – it does its job. I probably wouldn’t buy this, as it’s kind of expensive and too smelly but I’ll probably use this.

File Jul 24, 16 21 32File Jul 24, 16 21 45

Top - Ofra eyeshadow Bottom - Teeez lipstick
Top – Ofra eyeshadow
Bottom – Teeez lipstick

Teeez Read My Lips Lipstick
Full-Sized Product – $22.

It’s a nice lipstick. I realized that I was missing a shade like this to match with a shirt I own, and then this came! It’s kind of a bright coral shade. It’s got a slight sweet/fruity scent that I’m not crazy over but don’t have to pay attention to. The color ended up a bit funny on my lips – any little edges of torn skin and lots of little wrinkles or whatever in the lips got very saturated color, but the rest of the lips didn’t seem to so much. It’s easy to smudge..

As far as packaging, there are some bright and fun images and color overlays on both the cardboard box and the plastic tube. It’s a thinner and longer tube than most lipsticks I’ve tried. The back of the box says “8H long lasting”, “unique satin matt finish”, and “highly pigmented coverage”. This didn’t last the eight hours, and I don’t know what the satin matt (or a satin matte) finish is meant to be, because it looks like a pretty normal lipstick, and while it got highly pigmented, it got super pigmented in some places where the color just kind of collected and stayed. It’s a good lipstick but not worth the $22.

File Jul 24, 16 23 13
The corner was broken up a little when I got it. The larger loose bit broke up into smaller pieces easily.

File Jul 24, 16 22 34

Ofra Eyeshadow/Highlighter
I’m unsure what the sample is worth – probably about $3.75 (Full size of 4g is $15).

I like this shade. It’s a super-shimmery bronze/gold with a pink hue. While both Ipsy and Ofra’s websites call this just a shadow, the case also calls it a highlighter. As a shadow, it’s pretty great aside from some glitter fallout – it might even end up as my new favorite one-shade look. It also really picked up the light easily as a highlighter, though I’ll probably only use it if I go with a bronzer-heavy look. My biggest pet peeves are that it’s a super soft formula that easily breaks (one side had broken a little during shipping, but just by using a shadow brush along there it broke up even farther), and that the sample case is a hassle. It’s a pan placed in a cheap piece of vacuuformed PETG folded over itself so that it doesn’t really stay open. But I definitely want to try more of this brand, as they have a lot of cool makeup, some of which is at decent prices. It’s possible that I’ve heard of them previously at a time when I was looking into professional makeup.

File Jul 24, 16 23 34 File Jul 24, 16 23 57

City Color HD Powder
$3.43 for 4g sample (Full size of 7g is $5.99).

This is a basic 100% silica finishing powder. I meant to try some of this from a different brand a year or two ago, but haven’t, so I’m not in any real position to review. I figure that all finishing powders made from pure silica are going to be similar. The sample has nice packaging, and includes a plastic piece with holes in it to better regulate the amount of powder being used. I usually use Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder on top of my foundation and concealer, more because I like the texture than anything else, but this is a good alternative that can go over my bronzer and blush. As I’m currently trying to use less makeup for everyday occasions, I doubt I’d add another product to my everyday routine without taking one away. It’s in the air on which I’d use more, at this point.

File Jul 24, 16 24 20

Coolway Beachy Salt Spray
$1.96 for 0.5 oz sample (Full size of 3.3 oz is $12.95).

I don’t normally use products in my hair, aside from a detangling leave-in conditioner. My straight, thick hair has never really responded to products for beachy waves before, either, and even when my family would go down the shore on vacation, I never got them.

But I tried this. As my hair wouldn’t really get wavy with similar products, I decided to put my hair in pin curls overnight so that there already was something to work with. I used a bit of spray both at night and in the morning, and after four or five hours my hair was mostly straight but looked like I had just woken up with the worst bedhead I’d ever gotten, and nothing really happened after that. It seemed like the spray didn’t do much to the look even in the beginning – it looked and felt like slightly ratty wavy/curly hair. I had to wash my hair because I couldn’t stand this.

Overall I got two products that I will use and probably rebuy (or buy more from their brand), two that I will use and probably not buy, and one that I won’t use again. Which is similar to what I thought when I first saw this bag – I’d probably go through all the makeup products, as long as I liked the shade of eyeshadow and lipstick, but not the hair spray.

Birchbox and more product reviews from my recent Target/Ulta haul coming soon!

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