Oil Cleansing Review

Oil Cleansing Review

Do you remember how I bought two oil cleansers last week in my shopping spree? I got Garnier Clean Nourishing Cleansing Oil and Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Cleansing Oil, and have been using both (one on each side of my face) to test them out head to head, as I’ve never had any experience with an oil cleanser before.

If you don’t know about cleansing oils, they’re big in Korea and have slowly been making their way to the US in the past year or so. Korean women have at least ten steps in their nightly beauty routine, and Korea’s the most advanced country in skincare. They rely on a double cleansing method, using an oil cleanser first and then a foaming or cream cleanser second to remove as much makeup, dirt, and pollutants as possible while being much gentler to the skin. Oil cleansers can remove things that are hard for traditional water-based cleansers to get, and work wonders against things like waterproof mascara.

I used them at night, without using makeup remover, placing the Garnier on my right side first, washing my hands, placing the Juice Beauty on my left side, wetting hands and rubbing the oil to get an emulsion, and then rinsing off, focusing on the right side first so that they’re on my skin for about the same amount of time. I then went through the rest of my nightly skincare regime.

Overall, Juice Beauty seems slightly better in all regards. I found it a little easier to use, and it wouldn’t spread my eye makeup around my face nearly as much. I had one new pimple on my left side compared to three on my right (I think that because these are cleansers they’re supposed to help against acne, but if any extra oil is left on the face and somehow isn’t removed after using other products it seems like it could create more). They’re about the same in rejuvenating my skin – Garnier is being marketed for dry skin, with several additives for better hydration. Personally, I have more of a combination skin type, and it only gets kind of dry in the winter or with too strong acne products. Juice Beauty also smells slightly nicer, and it’s organic, which is always a plus for me. It also came with a little clip to prevent accidental squirts. It’s nice for me, as I keep the bottles in my bedroom and bring them into the bathroom every evening. The Garnier one leaks from somewhere along the pump top, which is extremely annoying. I like how streamlined the Juice Beauty one is, as well – it’s a more subdued and refined bottle, as opposed to Garnier’s trying to shout out why it’s better than the competition on the shelf. The Juice Beauty one also came in a box. And even though it’s a 4.0 oz bottle compared to the 4.2 oz Garnier one, it’s taller and seems larger.

The final question is, of course, IS THE DIFFERENCE IN PRICE WORTH IT? After all, the Garnier cleanser cost $7 and the Juice Beauty one cost $32. I’m not sure if the better overall quality is worth the jump in price tags, as nothing about the Juice Beauty one stood out completely against the Garnier cleanser. I’ll probably use up both bottles (using only one on my face, from now on) and then search for a third brand to try out, probably somewhere between these two in price.

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