Lorac Pro Contour Palette

Lorac Pro Contour Palette

Hey everyone! So I mentioned buying this palette about three weeks ago. I’ve always liked contouring, though usually just went for my favorite bronzer, Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess in Medium. I wanted to try a contour palette for a while now, and so finally managed to get around and buy one. And while I wasn’t too thrilled about my results with this palette for a while, I finally managed to figure everything out.


For starters, it’s a cardboard palette with a matte black cover. Makeup really likes to cling to it, and because it’s black all of the color shows. If you have a little foundation on your fingers or fallout or something, this finish is not going to be forgiving.

There are six shades inside – a beige, yellow, and shimmer highlight and three contours. The highlight colors are kind of similar to my skintone, and I’m still on the fence as to whether I’d prefer them to be lighter or not. Having these and maybe a lighter shade or two would probably be more ideal, or perhaps offering this palette in a lighter and darker range to better match the skin. Anyway, I liked having the yellow highlight for under the eyes – yellow helps correct my undereye circles, as well as a more neutral beige for everywhere else. I’ve barely used the dark contour, other than simply trying things out, because these contours are really pigmented.

Swatches. The top three highlight colors blend into my skin easily, even when I used a small, dense brush to swatch.

This kit also includes a basic instruction booklet and a nice brush. It’s got relatively short bristles that are densely packed but very soft, and I like it very much. Not so much the instruction booklet, which is more about general tips for different face shapes and things. If I was going to use this on other people I’d want to maybe refer to it just to see what to do for┬átheir face shapes, but otherwise contouring is all about the person wearing it. We all have different faces and want to highlight or alter different parts of our faces, so the general info falls flat after experimenting once or twice.

Although my favorite tip for contouring, which isn’t listed in the book, is to use a bit of a contour or bronzer and dab it under your bottom lip. There’s a trapezoidal shape from the bottom edge of your lip (about the middle third of the lip) down to the crease on your chin that, when darkened, makes your lip look fuller.

This is with just the contour palette over my foundation and concealer – no blush or bronzer.

I love how there’s an endless number of ways to contour my face, and that contouring my face is different than contouring someone else’s. When I first used this palette, I didn’t like the results because I wasn’t used to working with the full palette and having multiple colors. I was trying to do things differently than what I would normally do with bronzer and wasn’t crazy with the look. I also needed to blend more – this really calls for blending and blending and blending. If not, it can look streaky and/or dirty.

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