Greens and Golds/ Hard Candy Palette

Greens and Golds/ Hard Candy Palette

Hey everyone! The last time I was in Walmart, I was perusing the cosmetics aisle and realized there was a new brand being offered: Hard Candy. I remembered that someone had written a post comparing their Natural Eyes palette with the Too Faced one with the same name, as on first glance it looks like a dupe. But the palette that caught my eye was the Top Ten Trendsetters Palette in Raining Men, as the colors are all a little muted yet in shimmer finishes. And honestly, I’m attracted to pretty colors in general more than colors that work well for eyes.

So I bought it, and decided to start you off with a simple look using this palette, as it’s creeping toward fall, when these colors will fit in beautifully.

The palette’s packaging: Half of the front is clear, letting you see all ten colors inside. The other half is green faux leather with some metal stud-looking things on one end, which looked nice in the store but as soon as I got home and actually held it, did not like. It’s a lot taller than the clear side and looks kind of cheap.


I was surprised to find that there was a mirror on the inside, against the green leather. It’s as wide as the entire palette, giving you plenty of space to see both eyes simultaneously. There are also two double-tipped foam applicators, which I don’t use. The slot to fit them in is long enough that it should be able to fit a shadow brush or eyeliner.


The colors: The coloring can look fabulous, if you use enough/apply a couple layers and use a stiffer brush. The swatches don’t really do this justice. Some of these are a sparkle finish more than a shimmer, and fallout is excessive. I liked all of the colors, except for the farthest on the left, as it is incredibly sparkly, doesn’t really stick, suffers a ton of fallout, and fades pretty quickly. The icy pink (third from the right – the photo makes it look a bit more silver) also isn’t a color I’m crazy over, though it’ll be useful under the brow and on the inner corner of the eye.


Most of these colors also last a good while. After I made swatches, I watered the gardens and cleaned the shower and got my hands and arms wet several times, and yet over half the palette didn’t fade away.

The selection of colors really works well together. Very few of these can’t look nice when paired together. Some of these colors that are paired next to each other look gorgeous together, like the red and gold in the middle of the palette. It’s a beautiful palette for fall, especially if you like a bolder eye look.


Onto my look: It’s  ’60s inspired, as many of my looks are. I kept my face makeup very light today, so all my acne is very visible (sorry). My lips and cheeks are from Tarte’s Sweet Peach lipstick, and I gave a small swipe of contouring from the Lorac Pro Contour Palette’s Light Contour shade.

For the eyes I used the farthest right color, which ranges from a more brown-based dun color to a yellowish green based on the light, on the inner half of my lid, then used the green shade right next to it on the outer half. I then used the brown color (fifth from the left) along my crease and lower lash line. Then I went to town using eyeliner with a large cat eye, a slight point on the inner corner, and only lining my waterline on the bottom, and added mascara.


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