Sonia Kashuk Travel Brush Set

While in Target a couple weeks ago I picked up this kit to test out several brushes all at once. It’s got eight brushes total, which are labelled and numbered (but not numbered with the numbers of each corresponding individual brush – for instance, the foundation brush is 2 in this set but the full-sized version is something like 14). Each of these have a simple handle – most of them are oval in section, straight all the way down and ending in a taper about four to five inches from the bristles. They fit into a black carrying case with a clasp closure (no magnets).

The case shows fingerprints easily, which is kind of to be expected with this finish but not that bad, all things considered. The inside of the case is lined with a white faux leather, and the elastic bands that hold the brushes in place are covered by the leather to look nicer. As you can imagine, the white shows any fallout coming from the brushes.

Brush 1: Powder. I’ve used it for both colored pressed powder and a loose, translucent finishing powder. It worked better for the finishing powder, as the other one needed a couple coats to get the consistency I like (I normally use a puff for pressed powder). It’s got soft bristles a little over an inch long.

Brush 2: Foundation. I like this brush. I’ll usually use foundation mainly in the areas that need it (under my eyes, chin, and forehead) and it worked nicely for making a smooth transition from foundation to no foundation.

Brush 3: Lash/Brow. The translucent plastic looks a little cheap to me. The head is smaller than my regular one, as well.

Brush 4: Lip. It’s softer than my other lip brush, and comes up more to a point at the center than my other one. Some of the bristles were angled back from the plastic cover on the top when I had bought it.

Brush 5: Shadow. It’s a decent size and soft. I wish it were a little denser to apply more color at once.

Brush 6: Liner. It’s a flat brush, as opposed to the more common angled ones. I’m guessing there’s a difference between flat and angled, probably something with the flexibility that comes from different length bristles, but I’m not too sure.

Brush 7: Crease. These bristles are a little stiffer than I’m used to for a crease brush, and I keep going back to my Japonesque version. The extra stiffness may be better if applying shadow wet, as that brush ends up hard to use.

Brush 8: Smudge. This looks like a slightly smaller flat eyeshadow brush. It’s pretty rigid and dense, and I usually use it for color application as well as just smudging or blending.

Overall impressions: It’s a good travel kit. It’s missing a concealer and blush brush, in my opinion, but for the price it’s worth it. I haven’t gone on any trips to make use of this kit, but while I’m home I keep going back to the foundation and powder brushes, occasionally some of the eye brushes depending on what makeup I’m using. The eye brushes overall seem denser or more rigid than my other counterparts, and as I’m used to the others I’d have to have a good reason to use these.

One of the things I love about travel kits is that they’re usually good as a set for people who don’t have a lot of brushes or don’t want to commit to the full price of individual brushes they may not like (because face it, they’re expensive). The handles on these are smaller than the individual brushes, but they’re still good to work with. And for a set like this, so long as I liked two of these brushes it’s paid for itself. I’m not sure if I’ll bring this set when I do need a travel kit, or if I’ll bring another one, because this is much larger but offers more brushes.

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