Favorite Shadow and Liner

Favorite Shadow and Liner

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you guys my favorite shade for a one-color eyeshadow look, and then yesterday I was telling onlinebeautyfinds about my favorite liner, Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eye Pen, and I figured I could review that, as well.

So my favorite eyeshadow is an old Estee Lauder color called Smoky. It was a purplish brown in a shimmer that was perfect for applying all over. It’s dark enough to create a smoky effect, especially when layered on, but the shimmer can also catch the light nicely. It was my go-to shade for years.


Then I hit pan about two years ago and went to buy some more, only to find that it was discontinued during a revamp of the line. And the replacement, Smoky Amethyst, turned out to be much lighter and much more of a warm purple than a brown. I’ve wanted to find a good dupe, no matter the price, for a couple years, but I wanted to check in person that it would be a decent match.

This is a very old Estee Lauder quad, and the only version of Smoky I still have. I went through an entire full-size shadow pan.
The shade on the right is Smoky. It looks much more brown in this quad than when worn and in the full size pan.
The shade on the right is Smoky. It looks much more brown in this quad than when worn and in the full size pan.

I was looking at Urban Decay shadows, as they do have a nice consistency, first looking online and then to do a couple swatches while I was in Ulta the other day (the post for my haul is coming). Looking online, I thought the shade Roach (“Deep burgundy metallic brown”) would look nice, but alas, in store it was too light. I found two possible shades. The first was in the spot marked Toasted, which, once I came home and looked it up online, seems to have been put in the wrong spot. The description is “shimmery antique copper penny” and the online swatches look completely different. The second shade was Lost, a “medium metallic brown” and wasn’t such a complete match. Looking back, it seems possible that the first shade could have maybe been Roach, as the two were nearby, or possibly Busted, a “deep brown”.

I also wanted to buy a couple UD palettes, including the Shadow Box, which has Lost in it. I’ve also been toying with the idea of getting a Naked palette, as I don’t have any. I wasn’t sure if I should, as I already have a neutral palette and might not use both of them enough to make the cost justifiable. And then comes the choice of which palette. Toasted comes in the original Naked, and Busted comes in Naked 2, so I do have options. I need to see these shades again to confirm. (I did not buy any of these from Ulta as I have a 10% off code for the UD online store). But buying a single may be useful, as it’ll be larger and I won’t hit pan too quickly compared to the rest of the palette.

If anyone who owns any of these palettes can shed some light on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

And now, for the Revlon Liquid Eye Pen, in Blackest Black because that’s how I roll. I first found out about liquid pens in early 2010, when I was living in Germany. I bought a Maybelline liquid pen and fell in love because there’s no real comparison to brush-applied liquid liner. Okay, there is. Liquid pens dry pretty much instantly (and super thin, not cakey at all) and the less flexible tip means that you get a straighter line and more control with thickness and pressure. And as the color comes through the tip, you never run out of color. So essentially, the pen beats the brush.

Okay, back to my story. I come home to the US, and then after a few months the Maybelline pen starts running out. So I go and look for a replacement, and can’t find the same pen because North America and Europe have different markets. This was back in the days before liquid pens got big, at least in drugstore brands. The Revlon one was the first American brand I found, and really did like it. At one point I tried the L’Oreal version (something about a skinny tip for super thin lines, and I didn’t get it because I could already make thin lines without a thin version). While I haven’t tried any other brands in years, I must admit that I’ve seen more and more drugstore brands add one or two to their lineup.


So now that there’s a choice in drugstore brands (and now that I’m shopping in higher end brands), why do I continue to use Revlon? Because it lasts all day. It doesn’t crack or flake like liquid liners can. The only times I’ve seen it smudge are when I literally am rubbing my eyes hours and hours after applying, and that’s more of residue on my hand that makes the color fade (or possibly disappear if it’s a wing). It will start to fade a bit, especially if I rub my eyes. I’d say it’s got a good 16+ hours of longevity. It doesn’t do too well on my waterline, but few liquid liners of any kind do.

Swatch after first putting on my makeup. I only used Smoky on my eye.
Swatch after first putting on makeup with different lighting.
My makeup, 12 hours later. The shadow color has faded some, but the liner is still super pigmented! The smudginess along the lower lash line is from the pencil liner in my waterline.

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