Allure & Butter Arm Candy polish review

Allure & Butter Arm Candy polish review

As I had my wisdom teeth pulled this morning, my cheeks are puffy and sore and I still have gauze in my mouth. So for the next couple days, at least, I’m not going to show any full-face makeup.

I bought the Allure & Butter Arm Candy nail set when I was in Ulta on Monday. It’s four polishes, each at half the size of a full bottle. The whole cost is $30.00, meaning it’s the same price as two full bottles.

I never tried Butter polishes before as they’re so expensive, and so I felt that this set justified the cost.

They’re very nice polishes. The four colors are So Major! (“Loden-green shimmer”), The Sweet Spot (“Dusty pink creme”), Violet’s Revenge (“Blue-purple creme”), and Front Row (“wine creme”). I was excited for all but The Sweet Spot, as I’m not much of a pink polish kind of girl, but I do like this shade of pink. 

I can’t really give a good review on the formula, as using a base coat always makes application much easier (I always found China Glaze to be watery and a kind of weird formula that also chipped easily, but a base coat made it seem like other formulas). Just from applying it seems like an easier formula to work with than a brand like Essie.

I painted my nails with The Sweet Spot and So Major! in a simple French manicure with a full ring finger in So Major! While the picture did turn So Major! into a really vivid green, it looks a bit more brown in real life, especially because it has these faint reddish sparkles as well as some green ones. I think it also is from the color combo. The Sweet Spot also appears a little darker than in the picture. 

I am definitely interested in buying another shade of Butter polish, though it will probably be in a shade I am head over heels for and not too soon. And speaking of nail polish shades I’m in love with, I love Essie’s fall collection and bought a shade earlier this week (I had a coupon).

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