Yet Another Haul!

Yet Another Haul!

Hey everyone! I got the Ulta circular last week and fell in love with pretty much everything. So of course I had to head over on Monday! I also had a $3.00 off a bottle of Essie polish that expires on Saturday, and a $3.00 off $15 in beauty products from Target (and needed long candle lighters), and as the two are in the same shopping center… The next day I went to the mall for a bit of back-to-school shopping.

At Ulta:

I wanted to buy the Kate Spade Walk on Air perfume, especially because it would come with a snazzy weekender bag, but they were unfortunately out of the size I wanted. I may be buying this online (and quite possibly pick out a couple other things that I wouldn’t mind getting but didn’t think were as important as these).

Butter Arm Candy nail polish set – I wanted to try Butter’s polishes for a while, but they’re expensive. This set has four 0.2 fl oz bottles for $30 when the full size of 0.4 fl oz are $15, meaning the same cost per fl oz but more colors. Check out the link for my review!

Essie polish in Bell-Bottom Blues – I had a $3 off coupon. I’m in love with most of the colors for their fall line, and figured that this was the only one not in the pack of minis that I wanted. I may buy the rest as minis. I may not. It’s a lovely sparkly/shimmery dark blue with a hint of teal and if the light hits it right, a bit of a purple sheen.

Benefit Real Sexy Steal – Full size They’re Real! Mascara plus a mini They’re Real! Push Up Liner and mini They’re Real! Remover, all for the price of the mascara. They also have the Real Tempting Threesome where it’s the full liner and mini mascara.

Benefit Gimme Brow! – My first brow product that is not just a pencil. I got the Light/Medium shade, and while it filled my brows nicely, I’m not sure if I should have gotten the Medium/Dark, as it doesn’t really match my brow color but I didn’t want my brows to be too dark.

Formula 10.0.6 Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser. It’s not like I already have a million cleansers, but I like this brand’s acne-fighting toner and wanted to get more.

Nyx White Liquid Liner. Because when it comes to colored liners, white reigns supreme.

Nyx HD Concealer in Green – I love this in yellow, and could probably use a green color corrector as well as just yellow. Also, BOGO 50% off.

The ever-devious clearance rack wherein I buy more than I expect:

Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Wavy Blue and Sparkling Water – both dark shimmery blue shades.

Essence I <3 Punk Jumbo Eyeliner Pen – I remember looking at this, but not actually putting this in my bag. But, hey, $1.49 for an eyeliner pen can’t be all bad.

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter – I wanted to buy some of the Body Shop body butter because I’m running out, but as I use it as a hand lotion this packaging (a squirt tube) is better, plus it was under $4.00.

I was supposed to receive a couple extras: The Lollitint and Roller Lash Deluxe Minis from Benefit, and the Mini Iconoclast Mascara from Butter. The cashier went searching through their little cupboards with samples to find the Butter mascara, but she couldn’t find it and so offered me the Daylight Defense bags from Dermalogica instead (three makeup-ish bags in pink and orange that can attach and look good for the beach). I didn’t get the Benefit samples, and only realized it after getting home, so I’ll let that slide. I’d like to think it was because she forgot from searching for the Butter sample, especially since I’ve known her for about ten years and doubt she’d intentionally do this.


Essie polish in Lilacism – I’ve been searching for the perfect light purple/lilac for years, and while Polished By Amy said that OPI’s Do You Lilac It? is a gorgeous shade here, Ulta was out of it and Target had it for a more expensive price than Ulta. This one is much paler than OPI’s version, and I painted my toes this color and think that the OPI one would have stood out a bit more. But it’s still a beautiful shade.

e.l.f. Illuminating Face Primer – That’s what e.l.f. is great at, right?

Aloe Vera gel – great for burns and sunburns and using as a lotion all over your body and face. And I was running out.

I was actually amazed that I managed to get through Target without spending as much as I did – under $25.00! And I walked through pretty much the entire store because who knew that lighters are in with the camping supplies? Every time I’ve ever been camping or made a campfire or anything we use matches.

At Macy’s:

I was actually in there to check on the Urban Decay eyeshadow shades that I first was looking at in Ulta, because I think one was mismarked (read more about it here). But the makeup area is much smaller than I remember it being, as there were all of about five makeup brands in there this time.

So instead I bought a little black dress. It’s got a neat texture and was all of $25.00 in the clearance section. I needed a new LBD, and it’s a good multipurpose and year-round dress. I can probably wear it to all sorts of presentations or go out in it, depending on accessories.


At The Body Shop:

Tea Tree Oil. They were completely out of it at Ulta (where all TBS products are 20% off), but I figured I might as well buy it here instead of going back to Ulta to check if they received it in a shipment that came in Tuesday and then being tempted to buy more stuff there. Although I could have checked on the Urban Decay colors there…

So that’s my main haul. I already have my back-to-school supplies (felt tip pens, graph paper composition books, Elmer’s Glue-All, and my fourth wireless mouse since starting college) and don’t really need any clothes right now, though I probably will buy some Urban Decay stuff that I’ve been eyeing. Would anyone want me to write a wishlist post?

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