Dr. Jart+ Hydrating Face Mask

Hey everyone! I had a bit of an oddball experience with this mask and have no idea what to make of it! I did my usual nightly skincare routine up to toning, and then put on the sheet mask.It ended up being a little big for my face, and with how the nose was cut didn’t impress me, as that’s often one of my driest spots. There’s not much you can do with that though, and the fact that there was a part of the mask that went between the mouth and nose was nice.

After about fifteen minutes, I went to take the mask off. Parts of it had slid down and wrinkled or even pulled away from the skin a bit, which wasn’t pleasant. I took it off and then spent forever patting at my skin so it could soak up the remaining serum that was left on it. It took easily five minutes. Not fun, guys.

My skin did feel nicely moisturized afterwards, though. I finished off my routine with my usual moisturizer. And then I woke up the next┬ámorning to find several dry spots on my face in places where there hadn’t been any the day before. You’d think that my skin would be less dry with two moisturizers, but…

To make matters worse, I think it may have even caused some sort of reaction when I went to put makeup on, as it burned when putting on pretty much all of my base makeup. The only other sheet mask I used, which was an eye mask, also burned a little after about five minutes of wearing it so I removed it, but I didn’t have any problems the day after.

Two days after using the mask, I noticed that most of the dry spots had disappeared. The only one still around is a spot on my nose around the nostrils, which usually is dry and which the mask didn’t really cover. I’m not sure what was going on with the dry spots the day after using this mask.

Is this product worth it? No. At $6.00 a mask, it’s a little bit out of my price range for even a weekly mask. The finicky moisturization/ dry spot thing is confusing at best, and having a reaction to it sealed the deal. While I’m glad I got to try a sheet mask, I’m not crazy about this kind of product and probably won’t try another. The whole patting thing was a big turn-off.

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