Essie Fall Nail Look

Essie Fall Nail Look

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my latest nail look – and what will actually be on my nails for the first day of classes (and probably on the first day I have class, as I don’t have any Monday classes). I kept wanting to try more summery looks to go out with a final bang, but between the colors I recently bought and the fact that I haven’t been happy with the majority of my recent nail looks/they didn’t hold up, I’m just going to give up and go with fall shades. Or, y’know, Gryffindor colors.

I’m using Essie’s Wrapped in Rubies and Penny Talk, which were part of my CVS Mini Haul. Wrapped in Rubies is a gorgeous dark coppery red, and Penny Talk is a metallic light gold-hued copper. I’ve always loved metallic coppers, especially paired with something dark (copper with black tips was my staple nail look in 11th grade). This is going to be one of my staple reds, I can already tell. The red turned out a little light and a little pinkish in the photo, but really it’s better than this.

It’s a simple look – I didn’t feel like doing anything special with designs or whatever, just wanted to test these two colors out and let them speak for themselves. I’m honestly surprised that my nine-year-old point-and-shoot was able to capture them this beautifully on the first shot, honestly – you see the faint sparkle in the red and everything.

I used two coats of Wrapped in Rubies. And that’s only one coat of Penny Talk on top of Wrapped in Rubies (it may have darkened a little from the base but still reads beautifully with just one!). I didn’t really notice much about the formula, which is nice because I sometimes find Essie polishes a little runny and hard to work with.

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