Sally Hansen Triple Shine Polish: A Cautionary Tale

Hey everyone! The last time I was at Ulta, I picked up two Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polishes from the clearance section. I tried using them last week and was disappointed. So disappointed that I didn’t even attempt to take pictures and don’t even think they’re that necessary for this post. Keep reading to learn why!

The cost: While these were originally $4.99 each, I got them on clearance for $1.29 each, if I remember correctly (they’re marked $2.49 but my receipt said otherwise).

The packaging: I like this packaging. It’s mostly rectangular, with slightly curved surfaces to make the bottles stand out a bit more. There are two caps – one that matches the shape of the bottle and just pulls up, and one below that which is a more traditional cap. It first confused me, as these were the first two-cap bottles of polish I’ve ever seen (Butter also makes them, though I figured it out with Sally Hansen first).

The brush: I’ve got to say, I love this brush! It’s also used in some of their other lines. Whereas most nail brushes have a flat tip, this one is a little wider and a bit more of a dome shape to better fit the nail (almost like a lip brush in shape).

The colors: I liked the color of Wavy Blue, which is a sparkly cobalt/sapphire shade. It was a two-coat color. Sparkling Water, which was a little lighter and more of a turquoise green with sparkles, needed three coats and wasn’t as nice as I expected. Both of these were pretty pigmented.

The formula: This is where I had the most problems. It’s possible it may have been a gel polish without ever stating that it was one, or something. It took forever to dry (I probably waited at least ten minutes between coats and the coat before wasn’t fully dry, and then it took even longer for the final coats to dry, as well). It also felt very thick, and the best consistency that I can think of is gel-like. I’ve never tried gel polishes before, so I can’t say for certain if they feel or act like this (especially if you don’t use the UV light or whatever it is). Over an hour after painting my nails, I ended up taking a nap and all of the nails were severely messed up with those weird wrinkle-looking indents. Not fun.

Before that, though, it was  very shiny, though I wouldn’t say it was three times as shiny as a normal polish.

And then, you know, sparkle polishes are always a pain to take off.

The verdict: I’m going to stay away from this line. Maybe I got two very old polishes or something, but I was mostly disappointed. I’ll probably give these to my roommate, who collects lots of polishes and shares them with my house. Otherwise, they’ll probably be thrown out or left somewhere and never touched.

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