Essie Sexy Divide Polish

Essie Sexy Divide Polish

Hey everyone! I’ve been kind of busy lately with school. And yes, I know, you’re all thinking, but didn’t it start last week? And didn’t you have Monday off because it was a holiday? Yes, but everyone wanted to start off the semester with a bang, and things seem to just hit me out of the blue, every single stinking day. It’s also been insanely hot for summer’s last hurrah and is gross…

Anyway, onto beauty-related things, I tried out a beautiful dark purple Essie polish that I bought in a CVS mini haul. Interested to find out more? Read on!

The price: It usually costs around $8.50, but when I bought this there were lots of coupons and a sale, so I bought it for probably around $5.00.

The color: “a bold deep purple with hints of shimmer,” taken straight from Essie’s website. I’m going to agree with that – it’s got some shimmer and does not look like a more flat/matte shade (what do you call a polish with no shimmer or glitter? Because I’d call it matte, the same way I would an eye shadow or lipstick, but it still has shine and a matte top coat takes away shine, so I’m confused. Is it a satin?)

Anyway, the color is much more red in real life than the pictures suggest. My normal digital camera got shots of this looking blue, like a slightly gray cobalt, and I had to resort to my iPhone to get half decent colors.

The application: If you’ve used Essie you know how their polish can feel a little thin and runny. I noticed it more here than the other colors I’ve tried recently, and despite using two coats I had several spots with an incredibly, obviously thin layer.

The verdict: I love purple polishes. I’ve got a million. Strangely enough, this is pretty much the only polish I have in this shade with this finish. I’ve got mattes (or whatever they’re called), I’ve got much more sparkle, I’ve got darker and lighter and brighter. If it takes three coats to wear this, I probably will do so.

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