Some Formula 10.0.6 Products

Some Formula 10.0.6 Products

Hey guys! Some of you may have seen a couple of my posts that mention Formula 10.0.6, so I’m going to tell you more about this brand and their products. Now, I’m going to just say, my skincare routine was essentially my mom buying me a bottle of Olay moisturizer and telling me to use it back when I was fourteen or so, and that was it. I’ve been all alone searching for stuff on the internet (my friends are largely clueless about beauty routines – most of the girls don’t even wear makeup). And this brand is nowhere near the strangest stuff I’ve gotten into, beauty-wise, though it is smaller and a bit hard to find.

Rewind back to about a year and a half ago. I’ve always had bad back acne, and while a Proactiv system works the best, I hated how long it took to actually use on my back, chest, and upper arms twice a day. So I was Googling things, looking up acne treatments and things, and somehow stumbled on Formula 10.0.6’s So Totally Clean Acne Cleanser. It’s unlike any of the other cleansers I’ve seen before. It’s more like a toner, actually, and even comes in similar packaging to their toner, which is possibly why I thought it was one up until early September.

I looked a bit more into the brand and decided to test out the Gentle Foaming Cleanser, which I’ve been using since September (though I sometimes substitute an acne scrub or exfoliator in).

The cost: Both of these can be bought for $5.99, if I remember correctly. The entire line is essentially drugstore prices except for how I’ve never seen them outside of Ulta.

The packaging: Overall this brand is aimed at teenagers, so these products have catchy, relatable (read: cringeworthy to anyone over 16) slogan-like names before actually saying what the product is. If I had gone into a physical Ulta store when I first bought this, I would have skimmed right over it, because I’m not a Valley girl in the 1980s. Also, all that text on the front is not eye-catching in the least.

Granted, I like their packaging fonts and colors. Each product has its own color scheme, but the entire line uses the fonts, slogans, and lots of words.

The foaming cleanser bottle, though, is a bit annoying. It’s very watery and will pour out if you open the cap right side up (so that the cap is on the bottom). So long as you turn it upside down so that the cap is on top when you go to use some, it’ll all work out.

The scents: Are nice. The acne cleanser is kind of astringent-y, but it’s light and I kind of like it. The foaming cleanser has a much stronger and nicer scent. While it’s made with green tea and passionfruit, it smells like children’s shampoo or something along those lines. And no kid wants to use anything that smells like tea or passionfruit, so I’m not actually sure what it is.

The acne cleanser: It’s watery and orange, and the directions are honestly to pour some out onto a cotton pad and rub that onto your face (after already washing/cleansing your face). You don’t even need to rinse it off. And yes, it says it’s a cleanser right in the name, not a toner, but I didn’t even know what a toner was until a couple months ago and just assumed that this mysterious product was one. You’re able to use this 1-3 times a day.

It works well. My back acne cleared up almost completely earlier this year. After using this less often and changing my diet, it got worse again. I started using this on my face to treat the bad acne that most likely came from my foundation, and it’s a bit harder to say if it works well on my face or not because I use so many products and wash it more often.

The foaming cleanser: I wanted to get one after discovering Korean skincare, and I doubted that any of the cleansers I had were foaming ones. When I realized that the brand that made my beloved mystery product also had one, and that it was not quite as horrendous-sounding as the other products in the line and seemed like it would smell nice, I got it. It honestly seems like a kids’ shampoo, with the scent and the fact that it’s a shampoo-like consistency until you lather it in your hands. It seems to work okay. The other cleansers I tried all made my skin, especially on the forehead, feel stretched, but this wasn’t as harsh. While this was nice, I’m probably going to try some other cleansers.

The verdict: It’s hard to judge an entire line based off of two products. I like the acne cleanser more than the foaming cleanser, because it does seem like a more “unique” product (and it’s this brand’s most popular item). Both could probably be a bit better, but for this price and the targeted age range, it’s fine. I almost want to try their toner, though I don’t entirely know what goes into a toner and haven’t really seen a difference in my skin when I use one.

Has anyone else tried this brand? If so, what did you try, and what are your thoughts? Do any of you wish that you had been introduced into the world of skincare with a brand like this?

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