Revlon and Nails, Inc. Polish

Revlon and Nails, Inc. Polish

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a nail polish look, but I’ve been painting my nails plenty! I borrowed some of my roommate’s polishes for this look.

The main color is Revlon’s polish in Urban. It’s a navy creme that looks really nice. Every time I glance at my nails, I look down and see they’re dark and expect them to be black, but there’s this lovely deep blue highlight. I used two coats.

My accent color was Nails, Inc in Kensington High Street. It’s a wine creme. I did forget that I was doing an accent nail, so I painted both nails with one layer of Urban underneath this, which really darkened this shade compared to what’s in the bottle. There was supposed to be more contrast between these two. This was two coats over the coat of Urban.

Unfortunately, these nails all got messed up incredibly quickly. I painted them Tuesday morning and then sat on my couch reading PDFs all day, and somehow by Wednesday morning a couple nails were messed up and most of the tips were starting to wear. By the end of the day all of my nails had chips or wear on the tips. I’m not sure if this was from the polishes themselves, though (most likely the Revlon polish, as it was on all of the nails), or if it was the fact that I used a different top coat than normal. I usually am pretty brutal on my nails, but this level of breakage on the first day or two is more extreme than I’m used to.

After they all first started chipping, they didn’t break down as quickly as usual, though. Once polish starts to get messed up for me, it usually begins chipping/peeling away from the nail, and then I start picking at my polish.

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