Sheet Mask Heaven

Hey everyone!

You might not remember this, but the first few times I used sheet masks didn’t turn out so well. One was an eye mask that irritated my skin, and the other was a hydrating sheet mask from Birchbox where my skin ended up dry and patchy the day after (though pretty nice after that). I received two more sheet masks from Birchbox, though, and was hesitant to try these because of that.

The first was an eye mask from Skyn Iceland. I had a week where I had a lot to do and figured I wouldn’t get a lot of sleep, so I popped on the Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels. These just pop on under the eyes. They’re more like pore strips than an actual mask with serum. I had no puffiness, though I don’t remember if they did do much for my dark circles (but very little does help my dark circles). I did really like these, and would use them again. These would be great for my many presentations and reviews where everyone is pulling multiple late nights and all-nighters in a row. And at $30.00 for eight pairs, using these even once a week is doable.

The second mask was the Egg Cream Mask from Too Cool For School. This was part of the From Korea, With Love box, and I really liked this brand’s makeup and packaging. I was hesitant about this because of my track record with sheet masks and also because it has so many benefits. Listed on the back:

  • Clarifies, nourishes, and hydrates skin.
  • Hydrates dull, dry skin.
  • Improves appearance of saggy skin to look firmer.
  • Brightens complexion overall.
  • Egg yolk and albumen extract nourishes skin and removes sebum and dead skin cells for clean, smooth, and firm skin.
  • Hypoallergenic microfiber sheet mask (nylon) fits skin comfortably and has silky, soft touch leaving skin sleek and healthy.

My skin was starting to take a beating with the change in weather, so I figured trying this as a pick-me-up couldn’t hurt. It came with a mesh thing that I found weird. You were supposed to pull the mesh off of the mask once it was on your face, but the mesh was a bit too rigid for the mask to really lie against my face, so the mask half fell off my face when I pulled off the mesh. But this did end up nice. My skin felt refreshed, hydrated, and healthy after this, with no weird effects. I wasn’t quite used to the size of this (the eyeholes were small and the distance between the nose cutout and the mouth was huge) but I’d probably find that with most sheet masks. Even if I don’t repurchase this (and I may), I’m glad I was able to find a good sheet mask that I liked and know that I can have good experiences with these.

So, what do you guys think? I’ve still been using a couple normal masks as well, but these two were so nice that I couldn’t help but share them.



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