Body Shop and CVS Haul

Body Shop and CVS Haul

Hey everyone!

I was running low on Tea Tree Oil from The Body Shop, and noticed that there was a rebate for TBS on Ibotta.So I figured I’d go over to their website and buy another couple products and earn $5.00 back… and then I found out there was a Buy 3 Get 3 Free deal going on. I’m also posting the few random pieces of makeup/skincare that I’ve acquired over the past few weeks, as well as a slight ELF haul at CVS, since they replaced the entire Milani display with an ELF one and had an Extra Bucks deal going on.

If you’re not familiar with Ibotta, it’s an app that gives you rebates on things that you buy. Most of it is food/grocery-related, but there are many kinds of offers. Some are for specific products, some are for a type of product (any brand of cereal, for instance), and some are for buying so much at a specific store, like The Body Shop. You can redeem the money you save at stores or for gift cards. Click on the link above for me to refer you – we both get some money back! I don’t know if this works outside the US.

Anyway, I was going through the B3G3 listings and somehow managed to pick out mostly Tea Tree products. It was unintentional, and aside from the one product I’m running low on, I’m nowhere near running out of these types of products.

Tea Tree Oil – This spot treatment is great for getting rid of acne! A little goes a long way (I usually use 2-3 drops and put it on the majority of my face).

Tea Tree Body Wash – There are so few body washes meant to treat acne, so I had to try this.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Wash – I probably should just stick with an acne-treating face wash, and I’ve only heard good things about this one (not too rough on the skin but still effective).

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner – In hindsight, why did I buy this? I guess it’ll be kind of like my Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser but with all the benefits of a toner instead of the alcohol. If anything, it may save me a step in my skincare routine.

Tea Tree Face Mask – I love masks. I already have a couple meant for acne, but it’ll be nice to change things up a bit.

Camomile Cleanser Oil – I’m all about the cleansing oil. I just bought one from Neutrogena for when I finish off my Juice Beauty one, but again, it’s nice to have options.

Free sample: Tea Tree Pore Minimiser. It seems to be more like a primer, which I’m happy with trying.

From my roommate:

Smashbox Camera Ready SPF 35 BB Cream in Light – I told my roommates that I wanted to try some new foundation, as I thought the Revlon one I was using was breaking me out. One of them had several things she wasn’t using and offered me my pick. I’ve been using a lot of BB creams lately, as they’re faster to apply than primer and foundation and powder.

Neutrogena Skin Clearing Makeup in 30 Buff – Acne-clearing foundation seems like it would be good, right? It didn’t last anywhere near as long as I wanted, only about 3-4 hours. Another one from my roommate.

From CVS:

L’Oreal Infallible Advanced Never Fail Makeup in 608 Natural Beige – I knew L’Oreal made a couple good foundations that were long-wearing, so I decided to try them. This one is pretty nice, with 8-9 hours of wear rather than the full 18, though it might be a little dark come winter.

L’Oreal True Match Lumi in W4 Natural Beige – It’s the same name and brand, but a completely different color. I actually meant to get W3 and this seems to have been in the wrong spot. I haven’t returned it yet, but weirdly the hand swatch I tried (before realizing the problem) matched my skin better than the Infallible one. I might try this on my face, but this will undoubtedly end up as a summer shade.

L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper Brow Gel in Medium/Dark – Both of my previous brow gels were in light/medium and I wasn’t sure if they were too light or not. I decided to try both the L’Oreal brand and the shade. The bristles are less tightly packed than on my Benefit Gimme Brow, but still denser than on my Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Brow.

CVS Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Clay Facial Mask – I was looking for sheet masks, found a brand with some that sold the typical tube version right next to it, and saw the CVS ones sitting next to this. Anti-stress and Dead Sea were the two phrases that grabbed me. I didn’t realize this was CVS brand, and don’t know which products/brand this was based off.

CVS Avocado and Oatmeal Purifying Clay Facial Mask – So I decided to try two of the four masks offered. Most of my masks are currently more geared toward acne, so I figured branching out to other kinds can’t hurt.

ELF Kabuki Face Brush – I’ve never tried a kabuki before, but it’s so big and fluffy and soft, and I’m in love with powder. The only ELF brush I’ve ever used before was the mini angled brush that came with their gel liner. I didn’t know what was good with the brush line, so just figured I’d buy the kinds of brushes I’d like to try more than trying to compare their blush brush to the four or five I already own.

ELF Concealer Brush – Again, I’ve never had an actual concealer brush, just other kinds of brushes that I repurpose. Again, super soft.

ELF Small Stipple Brush – Never tried one of these before. The tip is white, but I tried it out before taking that picture and didn’t want to have to wash the makeup out and wait for it to dry.

ELF Blush Palette in Light – Four gorgeous shades of blush for $6.00! I only have a couple blushes, and two of them are very close in color, so I figured I’d branch out some. I like the orange blush as it’s so different than my usual shades. It looks like it might be able to double as a bronzer.100_2899

So what do you think? I keep saying that I won’t buy anything else, and then I get distracted and buy too much when I do need to buy things. This may be my only post this week, as the fall midterm presentation for my thesis studio is Friday.

Love, Andi

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5 thoughts on “Body Shop and CVS Haul”

  1. This is such perfect timing- I’ve applied for a Christmas holiday job at body shop and only now realised I don’t use any of their products! It’ll look so bad in the interview if I confess so I’m doing online research about which items are best. If you’ve got any personal faves let me know! (I need as much help as I can get) xo

    1. Honestly, I haven’t tried anything other than their body butter, Japanese cherry blossom body spray, and tea tree oil. Their spa of the world line looks lovely, though.

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