November 2015 Birchbox!

November 2015 Birchbox!

Hey all! I received my Birchboxes earlier this week! I had two accounts, as I got a really good deal with getting a second one (I received a free Beauty Blender and got a $3.00 off rebate). I’ve since cancelled it, because I don’t want to keep getting two boxes just yet. I also bought a couple things from the Birchbox shop, using points and a coupon for getting $10 off an order.

While I think seeing what people got is half the fun, I also like putting in my first impressions on the products. (I’m thinking of doing a post on what I actually think of these products after I’ve had the chance to use them more, if you guys are interested in that).

The box: So pretty and classy! I love the roses and the colors. I’m usually pretty harsh on the box designs, but the simplicity of two colors and a single reoccurring image/print is just perfect! The color scheme is spot-on. It ties in perfectly with the theme of “Feeling Fancy.”

The theme: It’s getting toward that time of the year!¬†Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, there are so many parties and reasons for dressing up! And with the change in weather getting colder and colder, it’s a great time to pamper yourself a little more! This theme is perfect for November.


The goodies in box 1:

amika Nourishing Mask

Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm

LOC One & Done Shadow Stick in Impress Me

RUSK Elixir Mist

Temple Spa La La Lagoon Aromatic Bath and Shower Gel

The mask:

At first I confused this with the Eva mask I received in what I believe was October’s Ipsy bag, because of similar packaging and me remembering them similarly in my mind. I honestly did use up all of the Eva mask, so getting the amika one was good timing! This one was pretty good, and honestly smelled very similar to the Eva one.

The balm:

It’s a weird one. Apparently, it can be used in many ways (sunburns, cuticles, etc.). I’m going to just stick to a lip balm. I first got the tiny tube and tried squeezing some out. No go. So I stuck a toothpick in the little hole, guessing either it got gunked up or hardened, or that it was like super glue or something where you have to open it up. Once I unclogged it, it turned out that about three quarters of the tube was air and that getting any of the product out was hard because there was so little in the tube.

It’s very thick when you put it on, and I’m not sure if that’s because too much squeezes out from the tube. I’ve never used a tube like this for balms – I usually go for sticks. It almost feels like a gloss because of how thick this is. You honestly don’t need a lot of product at all, which is partly why I think I might be using too much. It seems to work pretty decently, but it’s hard to tell how much of this review is about the product and how much is about the tube. If it was a stick, I’d probably feel better about the product. At this price point ($16.50 for full size), I’m better off with other balms.

The shadow stick:

I got to choose my color for this! I bought a second subscription for a one-time trial, and after the boxes were mailed out I realized that I should have chosen to get both lip products. I could have bought the whole set of eyeshadow sticks and chose the two lip colors (out of three) that I would get wear out of, without getting doubles or anything.

Anyway, this is such a gorgeous color! It’s described as a deep rose gold, and so pretty! It’s also really easy to use, just draw it on wherever you want and then blend out the edges. I noticed some slight fading in my crease after 12 hours, and when I realized how long I wore this and how much of it still was here, I was thrilled! There have been shadow sticks that only would last about two hours max on me.

The mist:

This apparently enhances shine and gives color-, thermal-, and UV-protection. My hair has some bleached areas, not colored, and I don’t use hot tools or a hairdryer. With all the time I spend in class or work, and with all the rainy, overcast days we’ve had recently, I’m not too worried about UV. I’ve tried other shine products years ago and didn’t like how they felt in my hair. This was pretty light and unnoticeable, even three days after washing my hair, though I don’t think it did too much for adding shine. I like tricks like rinsing hair in cool water to naturally enhance shine. The formula surprisingly gets a thumbs-up from me as I normally hate product in my hair, but I don’t find this super useful.

The shower gel:

I normally use a body wash for acne, as I have some mostly on my back but also on my shoulders, upper arms, and chest. Because I have so many problem areas, I only use an acne wash over my entire body. I could probably use a different one for my legs and stomach, but it’s too much of a hassle.

Despite that, I tried this. The scent was surprising – I didn’t like it dry, as it’s a little too earthy/woodsy and I’d rather have a clean scent. But in the shower it felt and smelled really luxurious, and I wished I could have used this in a bubble bath rather than my tiny shower stall. It lathered very well and was refreshing.


The goodies from box 2:

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle

Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris

LOC Vibrant Matte Lipstick in Glam Life

MAKE Face Gloss

Temple Spa La La Lagoon Aromatic Bath & Shower Gel (same as above)

The spray:

I’ve received this before, in August or September’s box. While it’s nice, I think the Healthy Sexy Hair Leave-in Conditioner Spray works better (I use this kind of spray for both the conditioning and the detangling effects). It smells nice, though.

The perfume:

I’m shocked – I actually like this perfume. I am not about to try to list scents or notes or anything, but it is nice. I wish the tip was a spray or actual rollerball, rather than the basic opening. This does have a long, thin stick on the cap, so instead of having to tip out the perfume onto my skin, I can just roll that, but for on-the-go something that can’t spill is better.

The lipstick:

This is meant to be more of the berry color, but I think it looked a little reddish on me, probably because my glasses are red. It had decent staying time, and it still had a bit of a shine, rather than being completely matte, especially if I used lip balm underneath. I was more impressed by the LOC shadow.

The face gloss:

It feels like lip gloss, honestly. I’m not big on it at all, and have only done a couple hand swatches instead of actually trying it out on my face. It would be good for a clear highlight, in a glossy finish rather than shimmery, I guess.


The bought goodies from my other purchase:

Supergoop Daily Correct CC Cream in Light/Medium:

I got this all the way back in my August box. It was a tiny tube but I did end up liking it – it’s thicker and felt like it had coverage more like a foundation than a BB cream, but it also has SPF 35. I’ve been using foundation less often and a BB more, so this will hopefully give me more of a flawless finish without being so time-consuming.

Candlefish tin candle in Fragrance 82 Herbaceous:

I love candles! They’re warm and comforting and smell great! I’m kind of picky about scents, but still decided to try buying one online anyway. From what I like in candles, I chose this scent (lavender, thyme, and vetiver) of the three offered. When I bought it, I was surprised by how small this was, and somehow wasn’t too crazy over the scent… until I lit it. It really transformed into something I did enjoy. This is more of an August/September scent for me, but it’s definitely a keeper!

The samples in the free sample pack:

Mally Liquid Face Defender Blush in Mimosa:

It’s a darker coral-pink, and I do love me my coral blushes. I really like the formula. Instead of being a liquid, I’d say it’s more of a whipped, dry cream. It’s pretty, and despite me never using anything other than a powder formula for blush, this was super easy to use and blend out. This is also matte and can leave a soft, silky texture behind.

Temple Spa In Good Condition conditioner:

It smells fresh and clean and lemony, but it apparently has orange instead of lemon, along with peppermint, rosemary, and lavender. It’s a nice conditioner, but it didn’t wow me or anything, which is funny because I originally thought I’d like this way better than the body wash from the same company, and I actually really liked that.


Overall, if I had just received one box, I think I would have liked it more. If I flat out did not have my first subscription, and this was my second box, I would have probably really liked it overall, but getting duplicates of things I already have is a bit of a let-down. Either of these would have been great.

The other products were a good mix. I currently have a ton of things in my lists on Birchbox of things I want to buy, but I’m waiting for a little while until I purchase these. I decided to go for something I’d use right away rather than things I want but don’t really need.

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