Ross and Burlington Haul

Ross and Burlington Haul

Hey guys! While I was home for Thanksgiving and had access to a car (and lots of nearby stores), I popped into Ross and Burlington Coat Factory, which are both overstock stores like Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. I bought a couple Christmas presents, but also some things for myself. I wanted to share this mini haul with all of you:

Physician’s Formula Healthy Glamour set: Shimmer Strips in Miami Strip and Mineral Wear Powder. There were several sets, all in the same box, with different products inside. I’ve heard a lot about the Shimmer Strips and wasn’t sure if I’d like them (and wasn’t willing to spend quite so much on them as in normal stores). I don’t know much about the powder, but I never say no to powder and have been meaning to try mineral products. These two together cost less than one product by itself, so if I end up hating one of these it was worth the price.

Nyx Color Lip Balm set: I’ve never really tried colored lip balms, but for the variety of shades and the price, I figured I’d give it a go. I can’t find them on Nyx’s website, and judging from reviews I guess this is found in other countries than the US. There are twelve shades in the range and a random assortment of six in the pack. I got Xie Xie, Tack, Danke, Shukran, Sukriya, and Asante.


Creighton’s Tea Tree Body Wash. This was $4.49 for 500 mL. The 250 mL bottle from The Body Shop cost around $15.00. I’ve already checked and found the ingredients to be different, but I prefer this scent more because it has eucalyptus and mint oils, giving it a fresher scent than the straight-up astringent scent from TBS.

Spa Cosmetics Vitamin C Eye Cream. I’m happy with the size and price, and it has botanical extracts and Dead Sea minerals, as well as the vitamin C. I primarily use eye creams for dark circles and partly for fine lines.

Arganistry Argan Vitamin C Serum. This was under $10, and it might be a good deal… or a very bad/cheap product. I’ve never tried a serum before.

Illuminating Accents Black Plum Tea candle. It’s pretty and smells good, and I’m not sure if I’m going to keep this or give it as a gift. There were a lot of other candles that were nice, but this one was $2.99.


You probably know what it’s like shopping at overstock stores: nothing is consistent, so you never know what you’ll find. Some days there won’t be anything that interests you, and other days there’s too much for your wallet to handle. This was a decent haul, though – six items for under $40, when buying one eye cream or serum could cost that much on it’s own.

-xo Andi

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