Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite! Palette

Makeup Revolution Unicorns Unite! Palette

Hey everyone! Back in September or October I found out that Makeup Revolution had a dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked palette and was sold at Ulta. So I went online and was looking through their palettes and found this Unicorns Unite one! I love unicorns and the colors interested me, so I bought it.

I have to admit, I rarely use either of the Makeup Revolution palettes. I have a few too many palettes, and would use other favorites to create looks that I knew worked. So to use this Unicorns Unite palette more, I decided that this would be the only palette I’d bring with me for Thanksgiving.

The cost: $10.00.

The packaging: It’s a slim, shiny black plastic case. The words on the front cover are gold-hued for a nice touch. There are eighteen colors inside in three rows. The top two rows have rectangular pans containing shimmers, and the bottom row has mattes in circular pans with a grid texture on top. Below that is a spot to hold a brush, and it comes with a double-sided sponge tip applicator that I don’t use. The entire top is a large mirror.This came in a holo blue/purple box that was also pretty.


I love that such an inexpensive paletteĀ had such a large mirror, and that this palette was so slim! When I was travelling I wanted to stick an eyeliner in the brush holder but it was too thick for me to close. I stuck a brush in there instead. I would have preferred if all of the pans were the same shape, though.

I saw an online review with a plastic sheet insert that gave all the names for these shades, but mine didn’t come with it and it might be a UK-only thing.

The shades: I fell in love with this group of colors after the first glance, because while it had several bright colors, it also had neutrals to mix in and the two different finishes. Some of the shimmer shades are more of a satin finish. There are so many beautiful shades!


After using this for a couple days in a row, I did realize that there aren’t a lot of mid-range neutrals so I’d go for the same shades every day. It also made this palette a bit harder to use for creating a full-on neutral eye look, which I wasn’t quite expecting. There are a couple shades of each color for you to choose from and pair up, though.

These swatches don’t do justice to this palette at all!

The application and wear: These are all pretty decent, other than the matte black. Most of you probably already know that drustore matte blacks are usually chalky and have to really be built up to get even half-decent color. I admit, I haven’t tried the matte pink other than in a hand swatch, but it was still good. For so many shades at such a great price, you’d expect these to all be annoying to apply or to fade after two hours, but it’s not the case at all.

The verdict: If you like bright, bold colors, or want to expand from neutrals, this is a great option! A lot of colorful palettes may end up as only brights, or only a set of pinks or blues or whatever, but this lets you try so many shades together, including using the neutrals to finish off looks. And for the price point, I really can’t see why you wouldn’t want this!

-xo Andi

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