Battle of the Brow Gels

Battle of the Brow Gels

Hey everyone!

It’s time to look at the brow gels I own. I first got Benefit’s Gimme Brow back in July or August, and then received Elizabeth Mott Queen of the Fill in a subscription box in September, and finally bought L’Oreal Brow Stylist Plumper. I’m going to compare them together.

First, the cost:

Benefit cost $24.00, Elizabeth Mott cost $20.00, and L’Oreal cost around $9.00. I’m not sure where to buy the Elizabeth Mott one other than from the brand’s website, which does mean shipping costs and a time delay, while the other two can be found pretty much wherever the brands are sold.

The colors:

I first bought Benefit without knowing what shade I’d be, and opted for Light/Medium instead of Medium/Dark to be safe. I was given the Elizabeth Mott one in Light/Medium. I decided to try out the L’Oreal gel in Medium/Dark because the L/M was too ashy (good for blondes, bad for me) and maybe a little too light. I found it happen on both L/M gels, though the Elizabeth Mott one was more ashy. Benefit is a little lighter, but less ashy.

The packaging:

Benefit’s packaging is always fun. I remember this came in a box that had rhombuses at the ends, rather than a square or rectangle, which was hard to open. The tube itself is small and a different shade of brown based off of the shade, with a black cap. It has 3 g/0.1 oz of product.

Elizabeth Mott is in a black tube, both longer and thicker than the Benefit packaging, but the Benefit tube is so tiny that it’s not much of an accomplishment. It has 4 g/0.14 oz of product. I forget what the box this came in looked like.

L’Oreal is so much bigger! Parts of it are gold to make it look fancier. This has 8 mL/0.27 fl oz of product. Note that this is measured by volume, not weight. I believe the cap is colored to match the shade.

The wands:

I like the Benefit one the best. The bristles are very dense and short, and the length with bristles is very short, too, so you don’t end up getting product on your skin or anything.

The Elizabeth Mott one is my least favorite. The bristles are the least dense and longest, and they’re rounded like a mascara brush may be. I find the gel gets kind of everywhere on the skin because it’s so much harder to work with.

L’Oreal is more in the middle. It’s a bit longer than Benefit, with fewer bristles but denser than Elizabeth Mott. It’s still very easy to use, just a little worse than the Benefit one.

L-R: Benefit, Elizabeth Mott, L’Oreal

The formulas:

Benefit is kind of dry, with L’Oreal’s similar. Granted, my Benefit tube has been open for a couple months, but neither of them is very wet or too gloopy. If I put on the L’Oreal one without a brow pencil underneath, it dries kind of crunchy, where it ends up almost too hard and doesn’t give me enough flexibility. It also is very fluffy, like it feels like my brow hairs are farther away from my skin than normal. The Benefit isn’t super pigmented, and the L’Oreal one is a bit darker. In the swatch, because this Benefit tube is empty and dried up, it looks very light. The L’Oreal one has better pigmentation but still isn’t very pigmented.

Elizabeth Mott’s formula is more wet, which is probably partly why it’s so messy. I feel like I use way more product with it because of that. It’s got more pigment, possibly because it’s so wet and you use a lot of product.

L-R: Benefit, Elizabeth Mott, L’Oreal

The verdict:

Benefit was good. L’Oreal was slightly inferior but still good. If you don’t want to spend the extra money, buy it instead. If I had the right color for Elizabeth Mott’s gel, I’d maybe keep trying to use it, but it has a few too many lackluster qualities.

I’d like to point out that there should be more shades available than just two, no matter the brand. There are so many shades for other brow products that only two seems weird. Having a darker brown, lighter brown, and blonde/more ashy shade makes more sense to me, without saying anything about undertone or the other brow colors like black or red.

-xo Andi

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6 thoughts on “Battle of the Brow Gels”

    1. I only started using one when I bought the Benefit gel. It’s nice for keeping your brow hairs in place throughout the day. You should try it if it sounds like something you’d like!

  1. I used to hate when my brow hairs moved around during the day so I picked up a Nars one in Piraeus! They’re a bit pricier but they work super well and have a good mixture of different tones which I liked a lot, definitely interested in learning more about the different kinds so thanks!! 🙂

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