January Birchbox

January Birchbox

Hey all! I’ve somehow turned into a skincare junkie, and love experimenting with Korean skincare, so when I saw that this month’s curated box was K beauty, I just had to get it! And am I glad I did.

The box: pretty and relatively low-key. The green shades and plants on the box make it look very fresh and healthy, if that makes any sense.

The special offer: Get The Little Book of Skincare by Charlotte Cho for 50% off! You do have to buy it directly from the publisher. If you spend $50, you get free shipping. The Harper Collins site is hard to navigate if you’re looking for other books to buy, especially since they have a lot of children’s books that are all but impossible to get rid of in the search results. So yes, I did get this for $12.50, but after shipping and tax it was almost $20.00, not as much of a deal. I’ll talk about this book in another post.

RE:P Bio Fresh Mask with Real Calming Herb. Love this mask – a fresh, calming clay mask that also lightly moisturizes and exfoliates! I’ll add it to my wishlist on Birchbox for whenever I earn enough points to redeem things.

IPKN Flash Cream Radiant Primer. I’ve tried illuminating primers before, and this is probably my favorite – it was light enough on its own that I didn’t look like I belonged in Twilight, but still gave an amazing glow even underneath foundation!

TONYMOLY Tony Tint Delight in Red. I was hesitant about a red tint, because I usually think of the two as mutually exclusive. If it’s a tint, it can’t be a true red. I’m not subtle with color. But you can do a lot with this tint – build up a couple coats for a true red, or dab it with your finger to get a smudgy ombre or even maybe use it as a blush. It also smells amazing and the cap is a cute heart.

Manefit Cucumber Soothing + Moisturizing Sheet Mask. It’s not a K Beauty box without a sheet mask! I love that it’s a soothing one, as I’ve otherwise only tried moisturizing ones and wanted to try other properties, since all sheet masks are at least partially moisturizing. The fit of it was weird – it had these two semicircular bits that stuck out from the temples that I don’t understand, and it was pretty big to begin with, and the bit between the nose and mouth was very thin. Otherwise, though, it was pretty nice.

Goodal Waterest First Essence. Have I mentioned that the winter weather and some acne products left my face super dry and peeling? I’ve never tried an essence before this, but I love it so far, and really am enjoying the moisturizing benefits and glowing skin.

Bonus Goodal Yerba Mate Bubble Peeling. It starts out as a milky cleanser/scrub-looking thing, and as you work it into your skin it turns into more of a foam! It’s an exfoliator, and I’m not sure why it’s called a “peeling.” Love this – another thing I hope to pick up from Birchbox!

Bonus Goodal Yerba Mate Cleansing Foam. I’ve got some stubborn blackheads on the sides of my nose that have withstood pretty much everything I’ve ever tried, but one use of this pulled out a ton of the gunk.

I honestly really loved this box. Such great products, with things I’ve never tried before! Lately I’ve been on a skincare fix, rather than the usual makeup. I’m in the process of changing my skincare routine and want to try new brands and products, and will tell you guys all about it soon. But really, this box came at a perfect time for me.

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