Beauty Blender vs. Real Techniques Beauty Sponge

Beauty Blender vs. Real Techniques Beauty Sponge

Hey guys! I’ve been meaning to do this comparison ages ago. Everyone seems to agree that of all the cheap alternatives to the Beauty Blender, most are not worth it and the only real comparable sponge is from Real Techniques. So what do I think is better?

First, the cost. The Beauty Blender is $20.00, which is a bit much. I have only a few brushes that are in that sort of price range, and brushes last longer than sponges. Note: I got mine as a free gift for starting a Birchbox subscription. I forget exactly how much I paid for the Real Techniques sponge, but I’m pretty certain it was in the $5-6 range at Walmart, and may go up a dollar or two in other stores.

The packaging. This may seem minor to you all, but Beauty Blender’s packaging is spot-on. It’s pretty minimal, but you can use it as a stand/drying rack for the sponge and is easy to pack. From what I remember about the Real Techniques sponge, the functionality is more about hanging from the display and was really hard to open.

The actual product. We’ve all seen the Beauty Blender – it’s hot pink and has both a rounded and pointed end. When dry, it’s pretty tiny and adorable. The Real Techniques sponge is orange (so makeup blends in color-wise a bit better – you can see how dirty the BB is below) and has a pointed end and a flat end with a sharp angle. You can use the entire flat end, or the sides/back (if you want something more curved). This flat end is probably the main thing that sets the RT apart from all the other sponges. The sponge feels slightly denser than the BB – if you squeeze it between two fingers, you need a lot more pressure and the sponge doesn’t give as much.

The application. I like using the RT flat end, especially around my eyes. I also usually use the same sponge for both concealer and foundation, so I’d use the pointed end solely for concealer and the rest of it for foundation. With the BB, I do have to mix the two, which isn’t that big of a deal. I honestly don’t see much difference in makeup appearance based on which sponge I use.

The cleaning. This isn’t really a category, so much as me hating having to clean both of these. Both sponges should be cleaned between each use, which is a bit excessive (you can go 2-3 uses, but it’s not recommended by either sponge). Both are also very hard to remove all of the suds (does anyone else have this problem? I feel like 90% of washing sponges is rinsing). It feels like I can clean out more from the BB because it’s so much less dense and squishier, so anything that really got inside the sponge can be removed. Also, the fact that both spend so much time damp freaks me out a little because if you use one every day and it never dries fully, the sponge seems like a breeding ground for all sorts of mildew and bacteria and all those other nasties.

The verdict: I do like the BB a bit more, once I got used to it. It’s just a little nicer quality and squishier. But the price tag may not justify it. If you really want to try out a beauty sponge and are on a budget, try the RT instead.

Also a reminder that these beauty sponges should be replaced after a couple months (I think it’s somewhere between 3 and 6, but don’t quote me). Because of wear and tear and possibly nasties. So the prices of both of these (and all of the brush cleaner/soap/shampoo/BB brand cleanser that you use every day) can add up.

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