Things I’m No Longer Using

Things I’m No Longer Using

Hey guys! I’ve decided to go through my makeup collection and just get rid of things that I’m no longer using or don’t like or are just old. It just seems that my makeup collection has just gotten too huge within the past year or two, and skincare is getting up there, and for the amount of space I have it was just getting unmanageable. So I purged this stuff and decided to rearrange my collection a bit.

First up is this Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner. When I first bought this, Neutrogena was on sale and all I knew was that toners shouldn’t have alcohol or else it’s drying. There’s very little info on the bottle about what it should do, and it honestly seems like this product was designed to be bought by suckers like me-of-six-months-ago who don’t know much of anything. It didn’t really seem to do much for my skin while I was using it, either, and I don’t have a problem with giving it up in favor of things that I know more about.

Then there’s this Oatmeal and Avocado mask from the CVS brand. I tried using this twice, but both times it made my skin sting. I’m rarely sensitive to products, and I’m fine with another of the CVS brand masks.


The Ulta products: This blush in Sweet Cheeks was my favorite for a small amount of time when I wanted light color and my other shades were a bit too pigmented, but this slowly fell out of favor because it’s so pale. The fact that I hit pan on this shows both how shallow the pan is and how much I had to use to get some color.

This Glitter Eye Shadow Top Coat in Gold Digger was one of my first glitter products, and while I love me my shimmery shadows, I didn’t like this (it was a freebie).

I rarely use a liquid brush liner, and would usually keep one around for really crazy, detailed designs like cheetah spots or tiny vines or things. But this just got clumpy, so I knew it was done.

This Color Pure Eye Shadow Pigment in Avo was just a weird shade. I have one or two similar shades, and I honestly just never really use them.

The Cover Girl Classic Color blush in Rose Silk was just old. I’d had it forever, and in the fall I just decided to wait until I hit pan before I stopped using it. For the amount of time I had this and how often I used this, it took forever to finish. I’ll probably buy this again, possibly other shades in the line.

The L’Oreal On-The-Loose All Over Sparkle in Dusky Shimmer was bought towards the end of my red eyeshadow phase, and was just a bit too pink for my tastes. So it just never really got much use.

I decided to try the Manic Panic eyeshadow in Vampire Red, and figured I’d also try the white shadow (which was in a set with the purple). The white was pretty good, but I’ve mostly stopped using white and have others that I like a bit more. The red was pretty good for a true-red shade, but it was pretty dry.


The ipsy x Nyx trio was just a miss for me. The black was not pigmented at all, and I would have preferred a highlighting shade instead. The lightest color just always blended into my skin, too. The brown was decent, but I have enough browns that it’s not much of a loss.

This Rimmel quad was okay – it was a repurchase that just didn’t seem to live up to the first. The black wasn’t as pigmented as I’d prefer, and the dark gray got weird dry hard spots.


The two Manic Panic lipsticks were in a five-color set, and they clashed with my glasses. They’re called Blue Valentine (a blue-based bright fuchsia) and Plum Passion (a plum with a gorgeous satin finish), and while I like both shades, I’ve never worn either aside from swatches.

These Tarte lipsticks in Pink Poinsettia and Candy Red were also from a five-color set that I just didn’t use much of. Candy Red came across much more pink (Pink Poinsettia has more red in it, in my opinion), and again, I just never really wore these.

I’m getting rid of these lip glosses by Hikari, Essence, and Nyx because I so rarely use glosses. I got the Hikari from an ipsy bag, and the other two were freebies from an Ulta purchase. I’ve worn the Nyx Butter Gloss in Eclair the most, just because it’s meant to be a light wash of color and also because it smells amazing.

The Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in On Fire Red was super creamy and pigmented, but it was a bit too pink-based for my taste (I’m picky about red lips). I could’ve filled in my lips with a red liner, or I could just use one of my other red shades.

This Revlon Color Stay Moisture Stain in Parisian Passion was just something I just didn’t really wear much any more.

Benefit’s Benetint was my first introduction to the horrors of tints. Every time I tried using my fingers to blend this, about 90% of the color ended up on my fingers. I’ve tried brushes, too, at least on my cheeks, but for the amount of hassle this product takes to use, there’s still so little color payoff that it’s just not worth it.

The Harvey Prince Hello perfume was a decent scent, just not something I like for myself, and I have a million little rollerballs anyway.

I also threw out a few products before realizing that I should save them for a post, including a Rimmel lipstick called Coral Britannia that was gorgeous but clashed with my skintone. There were a bunch of old nail polishes, etc. And honestly, I felt so much better once I knew all the makeup I don’t use is in the trash!

-xo, Andi

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