March Birchbox

March Birchbox

Hello everyone! This month’s Birchbox was a bit late- it was mailed out on the 10th instead of it usually getting to my house by the 10th. And then I left on spring break before it got in.

The box: So pretty! I love the geometric designs, color palette, and metallic gold accent.

The theme: It’s about empowering women. My products seem to be more everyday products that help enhance your beauty.

The goodies: Wilma Schumann Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil
The Balm Stainiac
No 4 Shampoo plus Conditioner packette
Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Split End Mender

The eye pads: I always like using eye pads because I have dark circles. When I opened these up, it was weirdly super messy. The plastic and one of the gelsĀ fell out, as well as a lot of the serum. This has never happened to me before, but I think most of the pads that I normally use don’t have serum and are a “dry” product. These are more of gels, and they did start to slide a little on my skin so I had to move them once or twice. My skin feels really plump and hydrated, but there isn’t much difference in darkness.

The oil: I already received two of these samples from Ulta. It’s a multi-purpose oil that you can use as a normal face oil or a primer, as well as other things like body oil in places with dry skin. It’s nice as a primer, which is the main way I’ve used this so far. It lasts a long time, except for when I accidentally spilled half the bottle. The full-size version has a dropper, but this sample has to be poured out through a relatively large opening, hence the spill.

The stain: Unlike a lot of lip/cheek stains that I’ve tried, this has a gel consistency, which I actually like! It’s easier to apply and blend out, and while it still does end up staining my finger, I get enough color payoff that it seems worthwhile. So far it seems that it’s not all that buildable, or that each layer has to dry before the next one is put on.


The shampoo and conditioner: I’m saving these for a bit longer. I always like getting these little travel bottles for shampoo. It smells very nice, though – like a French apothecary, kind of perfume-like and kind of like natural herbs and flowers were added in.

The hair product: This was actually one of the few hair products I’ve wanted to try straight off the bat, and was so excited to get this in my Birchbox (I was planning on getting this sample with a Sephora order, until I saw this). I have bleached tips, and anything to help against split ends is my hero. I haven’t seen a huge improvement yet after using it only a couple times, which doesn’t surprise me, but my ends do feel a bit softer. I’ll probably review this later on.

The verdict: It was a good box, not super amazing but nothing that was a real dud. I pretty much liked everything but wasn’t amazed.

-xo, Andi

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