A Week With… Too Faced Stardust by Vegas Nay

Hey guys! This week was super crazy, and I forgot to blog! So sorry! (And I’ve been sitting on this and a couple other posts for at least two weeks so I can’t say writer’s block was a valid excuse).

So last fall, I did a couple posts where I showed all my eye looks from a single week, where I only used a single palette. And I decided to try that again by using the Too Faced Stardust by Vegas Nay palette. It’s no longer in stock, since it was limited edition, and these looks all ended up being for the week leading up to Easter.

I thought that of the palettes I own and could use, this would be one of the easier palettes to work with. It was, but that’s because it was designed by a social media star/makeup guru. So it has all of the extra transition shades and things that you see everywhere but don’t necessarily use every day, and I kind of clung to that a bit.

Sorry about the poor photo quality – my camera decided it wouldn’t want to focus properly 9 times out of 10, and half the time I was running late and couldn’t spend 15 minutes trying to figure out how to fix things.

Monday: I had class and work-study, and that’s about it. I used Girl’s Night as a transition shade, Showgirl on the lid, Jackpot in the crease and lower lashline, Pink Pearl on the inner tear duct and browbone, and Follow Me on the inner lower lashline. I never realized how warm Showgirl is – it looks brown in the pan, and then it magically turns really warm and coppery on my lids.


Tuesday: I had practice for church choir. I normally tone things down to what I consider “more wearable.” Pretty much nude shades, no smoky eye, and less heavy-handed on the liner. So I used Millennial as a transition, Golden Nugget on the lid and lower lash line, Selfie on the inner corner, and what’s probably some combination of Double Tap and Jackpot in the crease and on the lower lash line. That’s probably Chandelier on the browbone.


Wednesday: I had work-study, then skipped class because I had a heat flash and felt nauseous and weak. While this is certainly very wearable, it’s probably because I was running late in the morning rather than because I wanted to do something light. I used Millenial and Girl’s Night as transition/crease, The Strip on my lid, Follow Me in the outer corner, Pink Pearl in the inner corner and browbone, and probably either Girl’s Night or Double Tap on the lower lashline.


Thursday: I had classes and a special Holy Thursday mass and dinner. I wore this since it’s a good look for spring. Millennial as a transition, Pink Pearl on the lid, Follow Me on the inner and outer corners, and an indeterminate brown on the lower lashline.



Friday: Work-study, class, and Good Friday mass, all rolled into one! The look is similar to Thursday’s, but in browns: it looks like it’s all a combination of Chandelier, Millennial, and Girl’s Night, with maybe Selfie on the inner corner and maybe Double Tap on the lower lashline, since it looks so dark.


Saturday: Actual relaxation! And epic failure in the makeup department. I tried a bunch of different eye looks, and foundations, and just nothing was turning out.

Sunday: Easter! I didn’t do much of anything for the day, just went food shopping and to church and made myself ham and sweet potato fries and brownies. Millennial and Girl’s Night as transition, Selfie on the lid and inner corner, and Showgirl in the crease and lower lashline. I might have added a little Jackpot in there too.


So the only shade I didn’t use was Sin City, the matte black. I attempted it on Saturday, but didn’t want to post something I didn’t like. I could have maybe used it as a liner or something, but never even considered using any of these as liners.

Overall, I think these looks are a bit more wearable for everyday than the ones on the info cards that came with the palette. If I’d done this on a week other than Easter, it would have turned out a bit better, since I usually go a little more extreme with my eyes. I’ve also never been crazy about all these warm brown shades, since I normally like cooler browns.

-xo, Andi

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