Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips in Miami Strip

Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips in Miami Strip

Hey guys! You’ve probably seen the Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips on Youtube or Instagram or wherever. It’s a multi-use highlighter/eye shadow/bronzer/blush. I have this in Miami Strip.

The price: I picked this up on a crazy bargain where this and a mineral powder were something like $8.00 combined. The PF website lists $12.95 suggested retail price, but drugstore prices do vary.

The packaging: This is encased in a relatively thick, clear plastic. You can definitely see in easily, but it’s a bit clunky. There’s a lot of extra space in the lid, and I’d rather this have a mirror in that area, especially for the price point.


The shades: There are five shades, all of which are housed in a single pan. While this is good for mixing shades for a highlight, it’s a bit hard to get in with fingers or even some eye brushes (let alone bronzer or blush brushes) and only pick up one color. All these shades are super shimmery and finely-milled. You get a light pink, a champagne-y tan, gold, tawny, and medium brown. The color payoff is pretty good, but the top can get this very smooth surface on it where brushes can’t really pick up any color because it just kind of slides across.


The formula: This is super soft and buttery. Using fingers may make small chunks peel off, so either blend them out really well or use only brushes.

The use: While this is listed as a “bronzer+blush+eye shadow”, it’s a bit misleading. I normally use the top three shades mixed together as highlight (see below). I might be able to get away with swirling in the fourth shade with the other three, but I’m not sure. In this look below, I used a tiny bit of the darker two shades as bronzer, but it didn’t really show up much over my other bronzer. I’m also not a huge fan of super shimmery bronzer, and getting my thick brush into just the two shades was a bit difficult.


As eyeshadows, I do use the shades a bit more evenly. But I find that the color payoff on my eyes was a bit lacking, especially for the middle gold color, and I really had to build it up. The brown is also a little too shimmery and just a little light for my liking as the darkest shade in an eye look.


The verdict: I like the Shimmer Strips, but I do have a few minor problems with this product. I’m not crazy over the strips when trying to use brushes to pick up one color, and would rather use a 2×2 quad or something instead. I’d like a little less shimmer in the darkest color or two, as well. But it’s pretty expensive as a drugstore product, and I wouldn’t buy this or any of the other colors for $13.

-xo, Andi

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