Sephora Vintage Filter Palette

Sephora Vintage Filter Palette

Hey everyone! I went into JC Penney a few weeks ago, and the Sephora inside it had this palette along the main aisle. I’ve never heard a lot of hype with the Sephora brand products, and wanted to try this because it was a new mystery product with a lot of colors that I just fell in love with.

The collection: This is part of a three-palette collection based on different filter effects. This includes the Sunbleached and Overcast Filter palettes, as well as the Vintage Filter. You can probably imagine what sort of shades are in each palette – warm shades in sunbleached, cool grays and blues in overcast, and more muted tones in vintage.

The price: I think I got this for $28. Sephora’s brand is a lot cheaper than most of the high-end/prestige brands, but this is still a really good price for a 10-shade palette.

The packaging: Hands down, what first interested me about this was the packaging. Both the box and palette have the same photo with the filter effect shown. The palette has the photo laid under the clear plastic, but with Sephora and Vintage Filter on the top. Other than the photo, the box is a light pink, but the palette is black with a pink sticker on the back. I think this is really artfully done, which I’d expect because the collection is based on very specific visual elements.100_3975100_3973

The palette opens with a normal non-magnetic closure, which can be a bit hard to open at times. The inside mirror is huge – it goes from edge to edge. The shades themselves are in a 4×3 array, with two shades being larger like the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes. The shades are against a pale yellow-based shade, which is maybe the one part I’m not head-over-heels in love with. Yellow is a shade that can end up looking “dirty,” though, and maybe I’m just mentally expecting the pink again or something. But otherwise, everything about this palette is spot-on.

The shades: There are ten shades. Four of them (Cashmere coat, Cookie crunch, Coffee break, and Secret Boudoir) are Sephora Best Selling Shades that can be bought as singles. I’m not sure about the others, but I did notice that all of the other shades do have names that tie in together a lot more. FiveĀ are very shimmery shades, one is a bit less shimmery but not quite a satin, and the other four are matte.100_3969

All these shades tie together really well. The Sephora website calls the palette in general “rich sepia tones” which is pretty true. The only thing I could maybe complain about is that there are the two large light shades, but the others are pretty dark and that a lot of them are all about the same darkness. Some of the shades aren’t incredibly pigmented. A lot of the shades, especially the shimmers, are very soft.

Personally, I love darker shimmery shades, where I can put them on light enough for a day look or dark enough for a smoky effect. This palette works really well with that, with enough variety in what I can choose for that effect and plenty of supporting shades.

The verdict: Love. I’d give it about a 9/10, since it has a strong theme, good color selection, and nice packaging and quality. The color payoff could be a little better, and it could maybe have another lighter shade or two, but otherwise it’s pretty much perfect.

-xo, Andi


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