Belle Makeup: Beauties on Fire

Belle Makeup: Beauties on Fire

Hi everyone! It’s now time for the next Beauties on Fire collab post! This week’s theme is Disney princesses, and I’ve decided on Belle as my inspiration/lookalike.

If you’re new, Beauties on Fire is a huge collab between about 25 beauty and fashion bloggers. We come up with a theme each week and publish the posts every Thursday. You can click on the image at the bottom to check out everyone else’s posts.

I don’t know if I could ever choose a single Disney movie as a favorite. Growing up, my sister and I didn’t own Sleeping Beauty, so it was definitely a treat every time we got to see it. Likewise, our Aladdin VHS somehow went missing probably when I was around six. But as I grew older, I found that I did really like Beauty and the Beast, and while there are all sorts of problems with the tale itself, I kept on being drawn to books or movies that were based off this tale than others, and I do really like Disney’s treatment. Belle, a big reader who looked a bit like me, was also one of the more relatable princesses.

So who else would I turn to for this week’s theme?

I started off with primer, foundation, concealer, and powder for a flawless base. Belle has a bit of blush on her cheeks, and a soft pink like theBalm’s FratBoy Blush right on the apples is all I need to finish the face. I thought about contouring, but decided against it.

The eyes are the hardest part, because that’s part of how you know it’s Disney. I went matte nude shades, Heaven, Nudie, Cashmere Bunny, and Sexpreso from the Too Faced Natural Eyes palette. Belle’s crease is well-defined, so I used Nudie and Cashmere Bunny to darken mine up. I used Heaven on my lid and blended it into Cashmere Bunny in a halo eye kind of effect. Finally, I used Sexpresso on my lower lashline to help define that a bit more, since Belle does have a darker lashline, though I used a bit too much.

I used a white eyeliner on my waterline and a black liner along the top. Belle’s eyes angle a bit, with her inner corner very low and outer corner very high. To recreate that, I drew my liner far into the inner corner and then thickened the line along the outer third so that it looks like the outer corner is a little higher up. Follow with mascara, again going a bit heavier on the outer half or third, and the eyes are done!100_4023

Belle’s brows are thickest in front and then thin out, and they curve without a sharp angle at the arch. I was able to brush my brows to be a bit thinner and add a bit more product (I used Benefit’s Precisely, My Brow Pencil in shade 4) to the front. In retrospect, thinning my brows made my arch angle a bit too sharply.

For lips, I went for a pinky nude like Belle wears in her everyday look with the blue and white dress. That was Rimmel Kate Lipstick in 17.

Belle’s hairstyle was also pretty easy to recreate, even if you don’t have any blue ribbons for the bow. I brushed my hair back to get rid of my part. I then grabbed a small bit of hair at one temple and began twisting it back, adding in the hair along the way. I pinned a small portion of it with a bobby pin to keep the shape while I repeated that on the other side, then put all of my hair into a loose ponytail. It’s okay if the hair is kind of loose – Belle’s seems to be. As an extra, to make the hair twist a little more, pull the ponytail down an inch or so. Make a slit with your fingers between the elastic and your scalp, and push the elastic through the opening. Pull all the hair through. I hope you’ve been able to follow my pretty poor directions, because while it’s really easy to do, it’s hard to explain in words and I don’t have a clue as to how to photograph hairstyles.100_4021

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-xo, Andi


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8 thoughts on “Belle Makeup: Beauties on Fire”

  1. Omgsh girl you totally look like Belle! I guessed right away that is who you were recreating! You look beautiful and totally should play Belle one day! That hairstyle is so awesome! I am totally going to attempt it! AAA Love it!

  2. You got this absolutely spot on, the make-up and the hair, just all of it is perfect. I know everyone’s saying it but you and Belle could be twins, without a doubt you made the right choice for this theme and you look beautiful.

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