Beauties on Fire: Dragonair Eyeliner

Hi guys! It’s once again time for the next #beautiesonfire look! This month’s theme is Pokemon!

I know that I’ve been away a bit from the blogging community, and I’m so sorry, guys! I think I’m just in a bit of a rut or something, and do want to get back into the swing of things!

Beauties on Fire is a collab of around 25 beauty and fashion bloggers, who write weekly posts based on a theme. This theme is chosen via a Twitter vote (meaning you can vote, even if you aren’t part of the collab).

This Pokemon theme was super fun but also kind of challenging. There are over 700 Pokemon right now, and I’m a big Pokemon fan who’s played all the games and knows most of them.

I first started with just trying to draw Pokemon on my face, but it’s hard and I don’t have much experience. But I didn’t want to go down the route of just using a Pokemon’s color scheme and maybe a recognizable feature in an eye look. I’d rather incorporate both the Pokemon and my face.

What better thing to do than to use a Dragonair eyeliner look? It’s a long, thin Pokemon with some elegance and a simple enough color scheme that is super easy to recreate! First, here’s the real Dragonair on my face:

Other than the fact that the head is too big for the body, I thought it was a pretty good first attempt. Please ignore my lack of liquid liner skills – I normally use a pen, and some of the contours of my face just did not work with the brush.

For those of you wondering, I used Shattered and Polyester Bride from the Urban Decay Ammo Palette and Freeze and Heroine from the Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette, as well as a black from Ulta. The eyeliner and mascara were both the Nyx White Liquid Liner. The blues were a bit more of aqua shades, and Dragonair is a bit more of a grayish blue, but Shattered is such a pretty duochrome that I couldn’t resist for such a beautiful Pokemon. Also, making this look pop a bit more by using a white base underneath would have been useful, but I don’t have anything decent for that.

The brush I used for about 90% of this look (and the wearable version) was actually an art brush. This is the Winsor & Newton Galeria Short Flat Bright brush in size 1. Art brushes are cheaper than makeup brushes (I doubt this one was more than $5.00) and I like the shape for applying eyeliner. It’s great for gel liner and wetting eyeshadow to create a line, and is tiny enough for a lot of detailing.

For a more wearable look, I rearranged these shades so that the white was under the eye (Ulta Automatic Eye Liner in Lace). To recreate the ears, I used Polyester Bride on my entire lids and in the crease, blending it up onto the lower part of the browbone. You can flick very light lines from the crease onto the browbone to add in some of the linework (I used Heroine for this, since I thought the black might be a bit much) and then blend them out. I then added a little more of Heroine in the crease, and let it get a bit messy on the inner corner of the lid.100_4132100_4138

I used Shattered as a traditional winged liner, and added very tiny bits of Freeze along the lashline. If you want to make it a bit close to the Pokemon, add a ball at the end of the liner. I mainly used Freeze, then added Polyester Bride as a highlight in the center and Heroine along the outline on the lower two thirds of the circle.

Finish off with mascara and then it’s onto the face makeup. I decided on a normal face look for me, except that I used the Becca Opal highlight, and that I used a TON of it. I wanted to do something a bit elegant but simple, and apparently that meant highlighting those areas I never do, like my entire forehead and my cupid’s bow, and also layering up the highlight on my cheekbones until I felt like a disco ball.

And there you have it: makeup fit for a Dragonair!

Kind of random, but in looking up what Pokemon I wanted to use for this look, I found this cool thing called gijinka. Essentially it’s fan art where the Pokemon are depicted as humans. It would have been really cool to make some art or do a gijinka themed look, but there wasn’t really much time for it.

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-xo, Andi


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6 thoughts on “Beauties on Fire: Dragonair Eyeliner”

  1. This is so fun girl!! You look awesome and you did an amazing job with both looks! I am totally digging the wearable option! I love how it looks so much!! And girl your artistic skills are out of this world!! I hope you get out of your rut soon! I know what those are like! However, sometimes you just have to take a break and there is nothing wrong with that at all!

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