Laura Geller Goodies

Laura Geller Goodies

Hi everyone! I recently got this Laura Geller Italian Garden collection from my aunt, who wasn’t using it. This collection itself was available what appears to be Fall 2015 and is no longer offered, but many of the products are still available so I’ll review them all!

This collection was called The Italian Garden. It doesn’t seem like the theme carried over much to the products, since none of the products or even their names really seem very garden-like or Italian. There’s a green eyeshadow, but that’s about it.

After looking online, I found a few other versions of this with different color combinations, meant for different seasons. I’m looking specifically at the fall version. If someone owned all of these lip and eye colors together, I feel like it would have maybe fit the theme a little better.

The price: Somewhere around $70. It seems like a lot, but that works out to $10 an item.

The packaging: Spot on. It comes in a wooden box with brass accents that can be easily reused. All of the text and the rest of the design is embossed into the lid. I love this box – it’s way better than the usual cardboard box. Even the inside piece of plastic that holds the products is covered in a velvet-like feel.

The products: Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation (my aunt chose the shade Medium, even though I think she’d be Light since the shades run dark. I’m in the shade Fair here, which I already own and am using).
Baked Multi Color Eye Palette in Autumn Leaf
Lasting Love Lip Stain in Pinot Noir
GlamLash Dramatic Volumizing Mascara
INKcredible Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Brown Sugar
Angled Liquid Foundation Brush
Double-Ended Shadow/Liner Brush


The foundation: I bought this at Ulta a few months ago when it was half off. It was my first foray into high-end foundations, and it’s not really a favorite. It’s more of a light-to-medium coverage foundation, and it’s an oddball. It’s super thick and can easily begin to look like it’s just sitting on the skin, no matter how much you buff it, so you have to use really thin layers of product. It goes on looking so dewy it looks almost oily, though sets down a bit matter. Within about five minutes, it looked like it started oxidizing, but then after that looked like it matched my skin tone again.

The eye palette: This looks gorgeous. It has four shades baked in to look like leaves layered on top of each other. The shades are all super soft. There’s a vanilla shimmer, copper shimmer, dark brown matte, and a pine green shimmer. The brown didn’t swatch well with my finger, but it applied more pigmented with a brush. The green is a bit lacking in pigmentation, too. But the lighter shades were both beautiful. I really like coppery shades, especially since it’s now getting into the beginning of fall!


The lip stain: I’m not sure what shade pinot noir is usually supposed to be (I’d assume a wine, probably more on the darker side) but this is a very pinkish berry. It’s pretty, though depending on the light it can look a bit summery. I’m also not a huge chubby lip stain sort of girl, and the shade may clash a bit with my red glasses.

The mascara: This was a great surprise! I almost didn’t even use this, since I normally just open one or two and use them for three or four months. I always end up having lots of extras, though. This just seemed able to coat every single lash and really make them more voluminous. Usually, I’ll try a mascara and think it’s okay, and only after using it for a while am I able to decide how much I really like it, but I liked this one from the start!

The eyeliner: I’m not a big brown liner fan. I’d rather just go for black. The color is a pretty normal dark brown, a bit on the cooler side, if anything. For the name Brown Sugar, and with the eyeshadow set, I’d expect something a little warmer. It’s also just not a good eyeliner. I like liquid for my top lashes on a daily basis. This doesn’t have good staying power on my waterline, and it doesn’t blend nicely for a smoky eye. There’s not really anything it can do.

The foundation brush: It’s really nice. The bristles are densely packed and the top is very uniform for easy buffing. I like the angle, to help get into areas like around the nose. And honestly, while some people think this might be a bit small for a foundation brush, I prefer something a bit smaller to be a bit more precise.

The eye brush: Double-ended brushes are nice in a few instances like travel, but they’re a pain to store. It comes with a little plastic cover for the liner tip, but it’s just short enough that I don’t think it would protect the bristles enough if I stuck that end in my brush cup. I’m not crazy about the liner end, though – I prefer something that’s a little shorter and stiffer. But I do really like the shadow end – it works nicely as a multipurpose brush for the collection.

The final look: I’m not sure how, but my under-eye concealer disappeared on my face, so you get to see me look halfway to zombie level! I also used the Laura Geller highlighter in Gilded Honey for even more of the brand.

The verdict: A mixed bag. I’m still deciding if I dislike the foundation or if it’s just so-so. The eye brush is also both good and bad, and while the lip stain is pretty, I won’t get a lot of use out of it because the color clashes a bit with my glasses. I didn’t like the liner (if it had a good use, I’d reconsider wearing brown more). I liked the eyeshadow, mascara, foundation brush, and box.

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