Birthday Haul!

Birthday Haul!

Hi guys! My birthday was in September, and I got all sorts of goodies. I usually don’t ask for gifts from places like Sephora, and instead go out myself. This also means I can get the free birthday gifts in different stores.

First up, we have Sephora. I picked up the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Lolita II. This is the kind of lip shade that I love for a more everyday shade, and I thought that I’d get more use out of this than Lolita I.

I got a four-scent sampler from Tocca. I’ve actually only had one full-size perfume in my life and normally would just get sample sets as gifts that would last me forever. I’ve been wanting to purchase a full-sized perfume lately, but I want it to be one that I really love. I was being cheap and only wanted to buy a rollerball, though, and a good number of the rollerballs I’d consider buying were sold out. I saw this Tocca quad and decided on it after testing out Florence and Stella in the store (this also came with Cleopatra and Simone).

For my birthday gift, I chose the Fresh sample duo (soy cleanser and rose face mask). The other option, Marc Jacobs lipstick and eyeliner, just looked like a ton of other things that I already own, and I preferred trying Fresh products over Marc Jacobs. My face was going through a rough time in September, so I tried keeping to my HG products and didn’t really get a chance to try either of these.

I actually wasn’t sure what to get at Ulta, but the $10 off coupon and free birthday gift were enough to make me want to go in. I finished off my latest oil cleanser, so I picked up the Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Oil. It’s actually my first K-Beauty cleansing oil! I’ve never tried Skinfood before, but thought that this would be a great product to try.

The free gift at Ulta was the Urban Decay eyeshadow in Midnight Cowboy. Yes, a free full-size UD shadow! The only difference between this and a normal UD shadow is that the packaging is a purple hue instead of the normal, more bronze shade (though still a chrome finish). The eyeshadow itself actually looks very similar to the UD shade Sin (which is a very popular shade), just with more of a pink undertone, slightly lighter tone, and some sparkle over the shimmer. For the record, it’s described as “pink champagne shimmer with silver glitter” and Sin is just a “champagne shimmer”. I did notice some glitter fallout when I wore this on the eye, which is the only downside.

Urban Decay also always has good birthday gift options, so I decided to place an order. I picked up the All Nighter Setting Spray, which I got a sample of a few months ago and fell in love.

All UD orders come with a free sample of your choosing, so I got the Naked Skin One and Done in Medium Light. It’s essentially a BB or CC cream, and does give me really nice skin! I’m also happy that this shade matches me – the insert this came in said this shade works for shades 3.0 – 4.5 in the UD Naked Foundation range, and I can go between 2.5 and 3.5 (the Light shade works for up to 3.5, so if I buy the full size, I may go with the Light).

And this year’s freebie was your choice of a full-size eyeshadow. I chose the UD eyeshadow shade Uncut, which is described as a “smoky purple with red and purple micro-glitter” and is listed as a satin and shimmer finish (I’d call it a frost). I normally like a more muted dark purple shimmer, so decided to give this a go. You really have to work it up and blend it because the pigment is lacking, and of course it has fallout because it’s got glitter, but once you build it up or apply it wet, it looks gorgeous.


If you’re interested in the Urban Decay birthday gift, you have to enroll in their Beauty Junkies membership. This entitles you to free shipping on all orders (!) and $10 or $20 off coupons after earning so many points per year, plus the birthday gift. Click here to sign up and we both can receive 10 points.

So that was my birthday haul! I really loved all the stuff I picked out!

-xo, Andi


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