Ravenclaw Makeup: Beauties on Fire

Ravenclaw Makeup: Beauties on Fire

Hi guys! I’ve been missing a couple #beautiesonfire posts recently. Unfortunately, I did work on a few looks but I just never got around to posting them. This week’s theme was Harry Potter, and of course I’m obsessed with the series. If you couldn’t tell, I’m a Ravenclaw, so today’s look is based on my house colors!

I’m only focusing on my eye look today, and I’m using the Cargo Cosmetics Land Down Under Palette. For the past few months, I just haven’t been wearing as much makeup lately and when I have, it’s mainly for things where I feel the need to be polished quickly and stick to the same few neutral looks. So I haven’t been able to explore the Land Down Under palette quite like I want to. (One of the few other looks I did was also for the Summer theme for Beauties on Fire, which you can read here).

The Ravenclaw colors are a deep blue and bronze, and the Land Down Under palette has the perfect shades for these, plus all the supporting shades. I started with my brow bone and transition shades, as usual. I started with Joey on my brow bone, but found it was a tad too dark and cool-toned, which meant it looked a bit muddy where it blended into my skin, so I went over with Opera, which is lighter. I also used The Rocks as a warm transition shade.100_4457

I then began adding the palette’s eyeliner to my lashline and blending it out with a smudging brush and the shade Ferry, which is a dark cool purply-brown grungy color. I went over this a few times on my top lashes, and then applied a lighter layer of Ferry over my whole lid. This will darken the look of our blue to the perfect Ravenclaw shade, as well as blend it out into the bronze shades easier with less fading.100_4461

I also blended out eyeliner and Ferry along my lower lashline. I found that I only needed two layers of liner, rather than three on the top, but I find that my upper lashline can sort of hide some product so it’s not as noticeable, especially if you’re looking at me more straight-on. Also, at this point, this look is pretty reminiscent of my Bond makeup post for Beauties on Fire (which you can read here). The big difference for that was just the order of lid shades and smudging liner.100_4464

Next is time for our blue, the shade Bondi. Because I had already applied my foundation and concealer, I angled my head down and used more patting motions to apply Bondi to my whole lid to prevent fallout. The larger side of the double-ended brush included with this palette was perfect for this. (Sorry, forgot a picture for this!)

I then added Bridge along my lower lashline and in my crease. Adding a bit of the shade Suntan around the edges help blend the shade out into the transition and lid shades, and along the lower lashline. The smaller side of the brush was good for adding pigment back into areas and blending the more precise line between the blue and bronze.100_4465100_4469

For the inner corner highlight, I used Beach, and to turn it a bit more blue and less gold, I added in a bit of Manly, which also helped Beach blend into Bondi. To finish off the look, I added a baby wing along the top, black liner along my waterline, and mascara.100_4473100_4474

And there you go: a super easy Ravenclaw eye look!

Don’t forget to check out all of the other Harry Potter-themed looks from the Beauties on Fire collab, all of which you can find here!

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-xo, Andi


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