Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette Review

Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette Review

Hi guys! I’m looking at the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette today! I got this as a gift this past holiday season, and it’s my first product from Too Faced’s chocolate bar line.

The price:

$49.00 USD. Though as I said, I got this as a gift.

The packaging:

The box it comes in looks exactly like a chocolate bar with a brown paper over a gold foil wrapper. There are even little ridges on the gold like the folds in a real foil wrapper.

The palette itself is in the metal pan typical for Too Faced with their usual magnetic closure. It’s a bright pink that is very surprising, especially since the cardboard box is so much more muted. Little heart shapes are raised on it, similar to the heart-shaped pans underneath. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of super-girly stuff, including the color pink and the heart shape, so that doesn’t really do much for me. In fact, I usually avoid this kind of stuff.

As for the inside, something about the cardboard over the mirror looks really gaudy, too, and I guess it has something to do with the fact that it’s a relatively small mirror compared to the space and that all of the text in the Chocolate Bon Bons logo seems to cover  it. The other Chocolate Bar palettes do this as well but look better in my opinion because there’s less text covering the mirror.


The pans are heart-shaped, which makes them look smaller than the pans in the other chocolate bar palettes. The pans in the Bon Bons palette are listed as 1.0 g/0.03 oz on the box, the same as the other palettes according to Sephora. The two larger shades are 2.2 g/0.07 oz. which the same as the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette according to Sephora, but smaller than the 0.1 oz for the original Chocolate Bar. Sephora’s website says that all 16 shades are 0.03 oz/0.85 g for the Chocolate Bon Bons palette. The size in grams is smaller than what’s listed on the box, and I feel like this might make more sense than the 1.0 g listed, unless the pans are deeper than the other palettes. 0.03 oz converts to 0.8505 g, so it could just be a rounding and converting mistake.

I do really like the outside box, but the inside… If I were to pick out one of the Chocolate Bar palettes for myself, rather than have it given as a gift, this would be my last pick solely from a packaging standpoint, both from design and from possibly getting less product..

The scent:

I have no idea how people can say this smells like actual chocolate. It smells vaguely like a cheap powdered hot chocolate mix, in that it’s a fake, sweet chocolate-ish scent. It does smell kind of chemically. Cocoa powder on its own smells different, so it seems that other scents were added in.

I’m not crazy about this for a few reasons. Scented eyeshadow is really gimmicky to me and, like the packaging, is considered one of the selling points of this palette that just falls flat for me. The fact that this doesn’t smell like real chocolate is also a major flaw.

I’m able to smell this at different points throughout the day. Because of that, I wouldn’t recommend this to people who may be sensitive to strong scents. Unless added perfumes go by another name I’m not familiar with, this doesn’t have perfume as an ingredient so it shouldn’t irritate someone’s skin.

The shades:


Almond Truffle – cool pinky brown matte, my favorite as a transition/crease shade
Satin Sheets – warm gold duochrome with pink shift
Sprinkles – shimmery cool pale pink with peach and gold shit and gold flecks
Molasses Chip – warm coppery shimmer
Malted – standard cooler medium brown with barely-perceptible glitter
Cashew Chew – cool pale tan-pink matte
Cotton Candy – cool, shimmery pale pink (I’d call this an ice pink)
Cafe au Lait – pinky taupe shimmer
Bordeaux – warm reddish brown matte
Mocha – standard cool light brown matte, decent in the crease
Black Currant – plummy purple shimmer with purple glitter
Dark Truffle – cool dark brown shimmer, a little darker and warmer than Malted
Pecan Praline – pinky/lavender gray matte
Totally Fetch – bright fushcia shimmer with blue undertone
Earl Grey – dark hunter green-ish teal shimmer
Divinity – standard matte peachy-toned vanilla

Favorite shades: Almond Truffle, Sprinkles, Cotton Candy, Cafe au Lait, Pecan Praline, Earl Grey

It seems like Too Faced was working on making a pink-and-gray themed palette, and then decided to turn it into a Chocolate Bar palette for some reason by replacing a bunch of shades with browns and then calling it a day. Something about this feels unfinished, like it’s a few iterations away from the real palette. A lot of the browns don’t work with the pinks and grays, especially the darker shades, and there are a lot of kind of random shades that don’t quite seem to fit yet.

A few names aren’t really chocolate-themed, but Satin Sheets is originally from the Boudoir Eyes palette and Totally Fetch has been in other palettes, too, so I guess those two are off the hook (others might be but I couldn’t find the other palettes) Divinity isn’t even food-related, and some, like Cotton Candy or Earl Grey, are non-chocolate candy or drinks.

The formula:

Most of the shimmers were really good. Darker ones like Dark Truffle could be a little tricky to show the shimmery effects and had to be built up. The mattes were patchy and unpigmented, and also overall dry, powdery, and hard to work with. Bordeaux stuck out the most for actually being a pigmented matte, but all of the product deposited at once and it just didn’t blend well at all.

The verdict:

It’s not for me. The quality is inconsistent. The packaging isn’t my style. The scent is actually more of a nuisance to me. The shade selection is poor for my tastes and feels unfinished. Overall it feels like every aspect of this – the cutesy packaging, the shade selection, everything – was kind of just pushed too far until it loses all the good aspects.

If you’re looking for a more neutral eyeshadow palette from Too Faced, I’d strongly recommend their Natural Eyes palette. It’s my go-to neutral palette, and is less expensive with better quality. All the shades are pigmented and buttery, and they all work well together.

-xo, Andi


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10 thoughts on “Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons Palette Review”

  1. This post nearly broke my heart! Lol. I’ve been lusting after this palette for a while but now I’m reconsidering. I’m going to have to check it out at the store and skip ordering it online. This is a great review. I love the honesty instead of a fake gushing over how much you love it type of thing.

    1. Thank you for the comment! I spent so long trying to write this review and getting the tone right because I didn’t want to give such a negative review, especially for a product that does seem to be very popular. Some of what I consider cons were marketed as the main selling points so it’s definitely a matter of perspective, and I happen to be the kind of consumer who doesn’t like pink hearts, the scent, or a lot of browns. In terms of the shades, I think viewing it as a palette of browns with gray and pink accents (like most people who prefer more neutrals) makes it more coherent than how I see and wear it as the colored shades with browns thrown in. I’d definitely consider swatching it in-store, though.

      1. Right. I love pink and browns lol. So I’ll just have to wait till I get a chance to go to ulta and look at it. I think you had the tone good. It doesn’t seem like you’re complaining, just a little disappointed. And you didn’t bash the product.

        1. I feel like I had to rewrite certain parts over and over and over again so it was a bit hard to judge how strong the emotion was since I was just comparing it to what was there before. I also went through different phases of liking and disliking it and tried to strike a balance of what I thought overall, not just in the moment.

  2. The packaging is soo cute though! Bummer that this palette didn’t work out for you. The only too faced palette i have is the sweet peach and the boudoir eyes palette and I’m loving it soo far so i might just skipped out on chocolate bon bon palette lol. Nice post btw! I enjoyed reading it 🙂

    1. I have a few other Too Faced palettes and I think the next one I want is actually the Boudoir Eyes palette! I think a lot of products are hyped up too much and this was the case for me. I’d suggest swatching it in a store and figuring out if you’d really use it, especially since Boudoir Eyes has some similar cool pink tones.

  3. Great honest review lol. Everyone raves about this palette but even looking at it, while yes, pretty, the shades don’t attract me. Thanks for being so honest, I definitely won’t buy it 🙂

    1. Thanks! I know exactly what you mean and I’m the same way with the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. The thing about this palette is that I do like very cool tones for my eyes and lean towards taupes, grays, purples, and pinks (and shimmers) for daily looks, so it’s more of just an incomplete palette with waaay too many shades that I don’t touch.

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