Review: Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream

Review: Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream

Hi guys! Today I’m reviewing the Maybelline Dream BB Pure BB Cream. I was looking for a new drugstore BB cream and found that this one included salicylic acid, so I had to give it a try! I wear BB creams daily and do have a lot of acne and scarring, so it seemed perfect!

The price:

Like all drugstore products, this can fluctuate based on what store you buy it at and what sales/coupons are going on. It’s listed as $8.99 on Ulta’s website.

The claims:


  1. Clears acne
  2. Conceals imperfections
  3. Minimizes look of pores
  4. Reduces appearance of redness
  5. Adjusts to skintone
  6. Hydrates & smoothes (sic)
  7. Mattifies & clarifies
  8. 0% oils and lightweight feel

Infused with oil-absorbing perlite

One of the big things to note is that this does not contain any SPF, unlike every other BB/CC cream I’ve seen.

The shade selection:


I picked up shade 110, Light/Medium Sheer Tint, which was the lightest color available when I got this. There are a whole three shades in this range. I do remember seeing a shade 100 in the original Dream BB (the non-acne version). This is a bit darker than I prefer, and going into it I knew that this was probably going to be on the darker side for my skin tone and preference.

The application:

First up, here’s a picture of my face before this. I have a lot of redness and acne scarring, as well as current acne, that I want to cover up. My skin is actually more on the normal to dry side, but other than the tip of my nose, there are no major dry patches.


I already used the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water and let that sink in. I don’t always use a primer under a BB cream, but I do some of the time. I find that this BB cream can go on the skin kind of funny, as if it starts going on nicely on the face but then once there’s a thin enough layer of product to blend in and work with well, it’s already set. It also seems to sink deeply into my skin

Because this is a product meant for acne-prone skin, Maybelline went with more of a natural matte finish. This seems to emphasize any dryness, texture, and delicate areas, and it doesn’t look good under my eyes at all. The swatch above shows how the blended-out area emphasized the folds of my skin and made it look kind of withered, and that’s just the back of my hand!


This does have heavier coverage for a BB cream. I like how well it neutralizes redness without looking like a ton of product. It does a very good job of covering acne for a BB cream, but if I were to use a foundation I’d probably want slightly better coverage.

However, it seems to over-emphasize any dry patches. I put this on and within a matter of minutes, my entire nose seems to be flaking off when beforehand it didn’t look nearly as bad. Large portions of my face start looking like they’re getting flaky throughout the day (as my moisturizer, etc. gets fully absorbed into the skin). I can exfoliate and use all sorts of hydrating products, and it seems like this still makes my skin look dry and flaky.

To get around some of these application problems a bit, I normally try wearing this with another BB cream. However, this doesn’t get rid of them. Blending this into the skin is a bit easier but I’m still not crazy over how it sits on the skin. It does still dry out my skin throughout the day. This has always felt like I had to work to wear it decently, and it has never been my favorite for how it makes my skin look.

The effects:

So it might not be the best-looking BB cream out there, but it at least improves my acne, right? Kinda. There’s a length of wear time where the salicylic acid does seem to help my skin, however it’s not a ton compared to the rest of my skincare routine.

There’s also a point in the day where the fact that I’m wearing makeup cancels out the benefits of the salicylic acid. The few times I’ve slept in it because I was too tired/lazy to take off my makeup, I nearly always got a new pimple. I do have other BB creams that are less likely to give me a pimple, even without any claims about fighting acne.

The verdict:

There are a few too many problems with the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream for me. Some of this does seem to stem from the fact that I have very different skin compared to what this was meant for, so this could work much better for someone else. If you have oily, acne-prone skin and are looking for a BB cream, I’d recommend at least considering this.

-xo, Andi


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4 thoughts on “Review: Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream”

  1. I have combination skin and the maybelline dream fresh BB cream works wonders for me, maybe try that one and let me know what you think? The shades are limited though

    1. That one is actually on my list of products to try – I figured it targets different concerns and would be a better fit. I’ll definitely post a review once I get and try it!

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