Beauties on Fire: Ocean

Beauties on Fire: Ocean

Hi guys! A bit of a delay with this month’s Beauties on Fire Theme look. This month’s theme was ocean. I decided to use some gray-blue shades to make a cool smoky look!

What is Beauties on Fire? Beauties on Fire is mainly a beauty/fashion blogger support group on Facebook. We can promote our own blogs and social media, as well as find guest collaborators, ask for help/opinions, and talk about any accomplishments. There is also a Beauties on Fire monthly theme/collaboration, but it’s not required. Anyone can vote for the theme via Twitter.


This is actually a pretty standard smoky eye, just using certain colors! I used shades from two palettes that were both limited edition and no longer available; however, it’s very easy to replicate with other colors.

I used Ferry and Bondi from the Cargo Down Under Palette and Heroine, Revolver, and Bobby Dazzle from the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette. I was looking for some steel blues, like I said, and it ended up that I just had a lot of darker shades. Ferry is more of a dark purple-based gray that I liked more as a blending shade. Heroine is a pretty standard navy matte. Revolover is a dark blue-toned gunmetal shimmer, and Bondi is more of a cobalt shimmer that brightened up some areas.

My application was just all over the place. I used a lot of the techniques of a standard smoky eye, but I jumped around a lot to try to build up the differences in color. I did end up with two slightly different eyes because the layers and blending techniques were different. For me, a full smoky look requires lots of blending, smudging black liner to really build up the color depth and darkness, and well, lots of dark shades, preferably with some contouring in the crease. Some of the key parts:

I started off with Revolver on both lids as the first step. I also used Revolver to smudge out a black pencil liner on the upper lid.

I used a mix of Bondi and Heroine to smudge the liner on the lower lashline. Bondi also made a good shade for the inner corner, since the shade was the lightest and also a shimmer. Not quite a highlight, but I’ll admit I wasn’t quite sure where I was going with this look and expected it to be a bit more editorial.

Ferry made a decent transition shade. I probably should have used a neutral skintone shade on my entire eye for even better transition, since I wasn’t sure where this would end on my eye. I also started trying to add to the look with my first eye, decided I didn’t like it, and so used makeup remover but found that I couldn’t build a good transition there afterward. This shade also was good for muting Bondi a bit.

And again, with Bondi, I tried to make the crease area a little more of a vibrant blue to keep the look less monotone. For all of the blue shades over my entire eye, I did layer pretty much everything to get different colors and to really blend things together.

For the white effect on my browbone, I wiped off a lot of the blue shadows from my brush and then went in with the white and slowly built it up. Any remaining shadow on the brush made the white look a little silvery/blue, which makes it tie in with sea foam even more!

To finish off the eye, I added a bit of black liner and lots of mascara. I don’t wear false lashes and so really piled on the mascara.


I decided to keep the rest of my makeup relatively simple. I used the Nyx Dark Circle Corrector as my undereye concealer and the Too Faced Born This Way foundation, then set these with some HD powder. I only followed it up with a coral blush – Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso – and pinky nude lips – Rimmel Kate lipstick in 17, as well as the L’Oreal Brow Stylist gel for brows that were groomed but not too overdone for the eyes.


After doing an entire eye, I realized just how fun of a theme Ocean could be! I almost wanted to do a fun under-the-sea eye on the other side, with things like bright clownfish and starfish, or even Spongebob characters or something else very fun, but that doesn’t pair well with a smoky eye.

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-xo, Andi


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  1. I forgot how amazing you are at pulling off a smoky eye look! I’ve just too much love for this, the blending is absolutely perfect, makes me really wish I could pull off this kind of look as well as you do!

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