Sephora Play! June 2017

Sephora Play! June 2017

Hi everyone! It’s time for another month’s Sephora Play! subscription! Want to find out what I got and what I thought of it all? Keep reading!

The service:

Sephora has launched a subscription service of their own! It comes with five beauty samples and one perfume sample each month, all in a cute bag. The subscription also includes a detailed foldout with a lot of info on the products, along with tips and possible Sephora services that can tie in with the theme, etc. There is also a monthly card, called a Play! Pass, that gives you access to extra features like beauty classes to learn how to use them as well as 50 points ($50 worth of points) to your Beauty Insider account.

Most of the samples are given to all of the subscribers, but there are a few pieces that can be customized for, say, skincare concerns. I like this approach – the products can be curated enough to fit a monthly theme but still customizable. I also like that I can find all of these products at Sephora, a store I trust and can visit in person, and that they’re going to be high-quality, better-known brands.

The price:

$10.00 per month.

The theme:

Your Summer Starters. I’m not big on changing up my routine much for different seasons, so this doesn’t really appeal to me much. It is perfect timing and the products do fit the theme, though!

The bag:

We’re back to this fabric bag style again after last month’s clear bag. It has a few girls swimming and says “in a summer state of mind.” It’s cute but doesn’t appeal much to me.

The goodies:

Benefit POREfessional Face Primer
Coola Makeup Setting Spray
Verb Sea Spray
Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lovesick
Klorane Dry Shampoo
Versace Bright Crystal

The Benefit POREfessional primer:

My skin is oftentimes on the dry side, so the first time I used this (with very little product), I thought this felt kind of drying and hard to apply. Using more product helped a lot, but I wasn’t crazy over the texture as I was applying. I think I used a little too much, and need to find a happy medium. It seems like a good primer that did keep my makeup on well, despite both sweat and rain, and also minimized the look of my pores some.

The Coola setting spray:

Story time: I got home from work, saw this package on my bed, tore into it, and then realized that my room smelled like a skunk. My sister and I went around for at least fifteen minutes trying to find the source of the scent when we realized it was this. Somehow, the scent got between the bottle and the clear plastic wrapper (some of the purple lettering had been smeared off under the wrapper, as well). The product itself doesn’t smell off, and after a night outside, neither does the bottle! But still, very weird.

This spray smells very strongly of alcohol, and I feel like it could be drying or irritating to the eyes. The nozzle is pretty good. It seems like an interesting way to apply sunscreen, especially for reapplying throughout the day while wearing makeup. Overall, it’s not a great setting spray.

The Verb Sea Spray:

I’ve never had good luck with sea sprays, and this is no exception. I spray this in and my hair looks exactly like normal, no waves, no different texture, nothing except maybe less shine. But my hair feels super gross, thick and gunky and kind of stiff. I don’t know if I’ve always applied this type of product wrong, or if my hair doesn’t want to cooperate, or what.

The Kat Von D liquid lipstick in Lovesick:

I’ve undoubtedly swatched this shade in Sephora a couple times. I prefer buying much more muted lipstick shades because I know I’ll get more use from them, and this always looked too pink. At home, though, it seems much more wearable. I’d describe it as a medium cool-toned mauvey pink. ┬áIt’s a color I will wear, even if it wasn’t a color I’d buy. The formula is very comfortable and easy to apply.100_5537

The Klorane dry shampoo:

I’ve used this before. I’m not crazy over the scent, and felt like I needed a lot of product. I’m actually trying to use less dry shampoo (dry shampoos can cause dandruff if used too much), and I did hear that the Klorane one is better for the scalp.

The Versace Bright Crystal perfume:

I think this smells nice, but isn’t quite my style. It’s a warm, fresh floral scent with a slight citrus-y undertone to it. It smells sweet, feminine, and summery. I feel like this would have been a good summer perfume for me back in high school. I think I would still get use from this, but I’d only plan on wearing this at very specific instances. Notes include: Yuzu, pomegranate, lotus flower, magnolia, amber, musk.

The verdict:

Not a great Sephora Play! box. There are two big strikes for me – the theme, and the two hair products. I’d also prefer getting a true skincare product in here – that Coola product is both SPF and a setting spray.

-xo, Andi


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