A Week of Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Eye Palette

A Week of Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Eye Palette

Hi everyone! It’s been well over a year since I last did one of my A Week Of… posts, where I use one eyeshadow palette exclusively for one week. I’m testing out the Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean eyeshadow palette, sharing all seven looks, and reviewing the palette.

A quick note: The palette comes with a mini black eye liner pencil. I currently have a ton of black liners that are open and in use, and would rather finish off what I have before using new stuff. This also seems to be from Lorac’s permanent line, so I might review it later on. Lorac is definitely aware that you need a black liner to create a true Jack Sparrow look!

The price:

$52.00 for 18 shadows and a retractable pencil. Each eyeshadow is 0.02 oz of product, 0.36 oz total. Compared to other similarly-priced palettes, that’s not a lot of product.

The packaging:

This is gorgeous and so well thought out. I love the attention to detail, and think that Disney had major input here because Lorac has more minimalist packaging. The main box has this gorgeous gold skull and crossbones on it, and I love the detail in it. The inside of the box has a gorgeous starry night/galaxy print on it. I’ve never seen a makeup box that has a print on the interior, or at least one that isn’t on the exterior!

(Boo says hello)

This galaxy print continues on the palette, both on the outside and inside, with a gorgeous finish that makes the stars glow. The palette is shaped like a treasure chest, down even to a secret compartment on the side. With the compass motif and the quote “Treasure in the Stars” on the top, it’s cool how the galaxy print and the chest come together. The makeup is the treasure. This does make the palette pretty bulky, though.

The inside includes a big mirror on the top, and I wish the gold accents from the exterior were used around this, as well. The other weird thing is the hole for the eyeliner, which is huge compared to the size of the eyeliner and unfinished. I can see the layers of cardboard stacked up to make the hole, and the edges don’t even align. I wonder if a brush or full-sized eyeliner was supposed to come with this, or if there was a problem in manufacturing or something.

The shades:

There are eighteen shades. The back of the box calls them “inspired by the film”.

Ghostly: A white satin with faint glitter. Sheer; builds up more matte.
Starry Night: A deep sky blue with a pearly finish and silvery cast.
Compass: A pale peachy-toned gold shimmer.
Arrgh: Cool medium brown shimmer with gold undertones.
Black Pearl: A duochrome with a reddish brown base and mint green shift.
Yo Ho: Pale cool-toned champagne shimmer.
Bones: A standard matte sand transition shade.
Silvermist: Cool purple-toned silver metallic.
Treasure: Orange-based red shimmer.
Tell No Tales: Burgundy/mauve/taupe sort of matte shade.
Shiver Me: Cool off-white pearl with pink undertones.
Cursed: Matte black with gold sparkles.
Matte-y: Ivory/bone matte.
Lost at Sea: Pale blue/gray satin.
Sea Haze: Cool seafoam green shimmer with a yellow shift.
Menace: Hunter green matte, kind of muted.
Silent Mary: Lavender-gray matte.

Some shade names seem generic, rather than actually referencing POTC. Arrgh! and Yo Ho, possibly Matte-y, are the worst offenders. I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I can’t say if anything actually is from the movie. Starry Night also looks more like Caribbean waters or, y’know, the daytime sky.

I like the selection of colors. You can make a wide variety of looks, from everyday neutrals to smoky looks to bright, bold fun colors. I never felt like I didn’t know what color should come next in a look, and in fact there seem to be options for everything. For eighteen shades, that’s impressive.

The looks:

Thursday: A wearable look for work using Bones, Shiver Me, Yo Ho, Arrgh!

Friday: Another wearable work look using Pirate’s Chest, Compass, Treasure, and Tell No Tales.

Saturday: Time for some fun! I used Menace, Sea Haze, Silvermist, and Shiver Me

Sunday: A shimmery dark look using Cursed, Black Pearl, Arrgh!

Monday: Did some visiting. Used Matte-y, Silvermist, Pirate’s Chest, Sea Haze, and Menace.

Tuesday: Fourth of July: Silent Mary, Tell No Tales, Ghostly, Starry Night, Treasure, Lost at Sea. I forgot eye primer and in retrospect, definitely needed some sort of eyeliner.

Wednesday: Another work day. Silvermist, Bones, Ghostly, Arrgh!

The performance:

Most of these shades were gorgeous and easy to work with. They’re all so soft and buttery and easy to blend. All of them were pretty pigmented, with the exception of the satin shades, Ghostly and Lost at Sea. They’re sheer and when they’re built up they look matte and kind of chalky. Menace looks more like an unpigmented black when applied because the green wasn’t vibrant enough. I also don’t get much of the sparkles in Cursed when used dry, which was expected. If anything, I’d probably replace Menace with a matte navy shade, because there was another gorgeous dark green shade but no good dark blue.

The verdict:

This is a very fun palette! I love the selection of colors and finishes to create a well-balanced palette, and the formula was very buttery and smooth. The packaging is overall stunning and well thought-out, but it is bulky and a few spots feel a bit unfinished. For the amount of product received, this is a very expensive palette, mainly due to packaging. I will definitely be checking out more Lorac products in the future because of how much I enjoyed this. Unfortunately, my local Ulta was sold out of the cheek palette from this line, but I do have the Beauty and the Beast blush palette to review!

-xo, Andi

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4 thoughts on “A Week of Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Eye Palette”

  1. I think I saw you posting about this along with a few looks on your IG. It’s a very nice palette and I love the gold detailing on the edges of the palette. And I’m in LOVE with the galaxy print everywhere!
    Love that picture of your kitty in the mirror lol.
    I guess I could say the balance between mattes and shimmery shades is evened out with the satins as well. Starry Night, Treasure, and Sea Haze are the ones that caught my eye the most. The swatches don’t do Black Pearl any justice, but if that’s the one you’re wearing in one of your looks, then all I can say is that it’s gorgeous!!
    Love all the looks you created with it, my favorite one is Saturday’s, Sea Haze looks amazing! Great review doll!

    1. Thanks! It is such a gorgeous palette! Black Pearl is definitely a hard one to capture with arm swatches, but a lot of the really fun duochromes are! I wore that one in Sunday’s look.
      Sea Haze is definitely a really unique color! I don’t have anything else like it in my collection.

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