Empties – July 2017

Empties – July 2017

Hi everyone! I know I wasn’t too active blogging this month, but here are my July empties! Somehow, I didn’t go through a single hair product this month.

The perfume empties:

Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris: This took seemingly forever to finish! I’ve been trying to finish this for at least eight months and get tired of the scent so I end up switching to other perfumes. There are some citrus notes, which I’m not crazy about, but it blends them in very well and they’re not overpowering. Notes include Italian mandarin, blood grapefruit, pear, orange blossom, gardenia, violet, sea notes, patchouli. Would I repurchase? No.

Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine (unfinished): My Sephora Play! perfume sample from this month. You can read more about it in that post (link here). I haven’t touched it since that review, so my thoughts are fresher there. If you couldn’t tell by the name, it uses citrus scents, including blood orange. I liked it more than most of the other citrus scents I’ve tried, but it’s still not something I’d choose to wear.

The body products:

Tuscan Hills Hand Cream in Coconut and French Lavender scents: These two scents were from a six-pack, and they’re the third and fourth tubes I finished. They’re bad hand creams and just seem to have too much water and not enough moisturizing elements. Would I repurchase? No, but I will finish off the last two tubes.

Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes: I normally use wipes for removing arm swatches. These were kind of dry (I had them for a while before opening them, though), a bit scratchy, and felt cheap. The willowbark extract also gave this a weird scent. Would I repurchase? No.

Strivectin SD Advanced Intensive Concentrate for Wrinkles and Stretch Marks (pictured below with skincare): I used this mainly on stretch marks on my body, but was pretty inconsistent with application. I noticed some slight improvements, though. Would I repurchase? No.

The skincare empties:

Fresh Rose Face Mask: I wasn’t crazy over this for a while, as I generally prefer clay masks. However, this made my skin feel great and look healthy. I’d use it when I wanted something pampering, hydrating, and/or soothing. The only downside was that the rose petals are a gross brownish color. Would I repurchase? Maybe a small size, but probably not the full size.

Up & Up Deep Cleaning Pore Strips: These seemed more effective than any other brand/type I’ve tried so far. I’m not sure if these were just better, or if my skincare routine isn’t as good as it previously was, or if only using these so infrequently meant more gunk built up. Would I repurchase? Probably.

Up & Up Premium Cotton Rounds: I didn’t notice how soft these were until I switched back to the basic ones. I liked the patterned side, but the non-patterned side was also rough. Would I repurchase? If I can convince myself the softness is worth the extra money.

Belif Problem Solution Toner: This was a pretty nice toner. I liked that it was an acne toner that didn’t have alcohol in it, which is rare. I generally go for more hydrating toners, and could feel the difference. Would I repurchase? No – it’s not worth the price.

Sheet Masks: I never remember to save sheet mask packaging for empties, so I’m happy that I have two here! I did use a few others during the month, as well. The Mizon aloe mask was soothing (I got some sun) and I do like both of the Yes to Tomatoes sheet masks (with and without charcoal).

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream: This was really thick and heavy, and seemed like a night cream. But it’s marketed more as a day cream to make your skin look very healthy, and it did perfect my skin some. Would I repurchase? No.

Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Cream: I really enjoyed this moisturizer. It was very hydrating without feeling heavy, and I’d wear it day or night! Would I repurchase? Maybe – it’s all about the price tag!

Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo lip balm in Vanilla Coconut Cream: I wasn’t crazy over this. Coconut cream isn’t a scent I like, and it’s weird for a lip balm. It also wasn’t super hydrating. Would I repurchase? No.

The makeup:

Dr. Jart Premium Beauty Balm in 01 Light/Medium: The undertone in this was so cool it looked almost gray (my skin is very warm). I’d usually mix it in with a drop or two of the Smashbox BB water. I liked the formula, application, and wear, though. Would I repurchase? No.

Too Faced Rock N Roll Palette (unfinished): This beauty was one of my favorite palettes. I’ve had this for three years or so (aka it’s expired) and I haven’t reached for it in ages. It was a great bold palette with some gorgeous colors, and has also been discontinued or was limited edition.

Estee Lauder Pure Color lipstick in Bois de Rose: My second finished lipstick of all time, and I finished off my first last month! This was one of my favorite lip shades – darker and brighter than my natural lip color, but still a great everyday rosy shade! Would I repurchase? No. I believe Estee Lauder replaced this line with one that costs $30 a lipstick, which is too much money! I’m also not sure if this shade is still available.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams in San Paulo, Milan, Prague (unfinished): I reviewed these way back when (link here), and the big thing with all three is that they’re much brighter than they appear in the tube. None of these were really shades that I could wear everyday, and I don’t really reach for them because they, San Paulo and Prague especially, clash with my red glasses.

That’s it for this month’s empties! What did you finish off this month? Have you tried any of these products before?

-xo, Andi

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2 thoughts on “Empties – July 2017”

  1. OMG! Agreed! The CM pefume is one I can’t seem to keep wearing for more than a couple days in a row, and I’ve had mine since 2015! Oh so terrible, I like it but sometimes I’d rather wear a different scent, depends on what I’m in the mood for lol. And I liked the Atelire cologne, I like the citrusy scents sometimes, they elevate my mood. 🙂
    Too bad about the Burt’s Bees wipes. I use the simple skincare and I LOVE them! They literally work well on my face and they take EVERYTHING off! You should give them a shot, they make their products with sensitive skin in mind 🙂
    If you liked the Mizon aloe mask, I’m excited to try the one you sent me. I’ve never tried that brand. The YesTo tomatoes charcoal mask I tried last week, and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. I’m almost done writing up a review of four of the YesTo’s masks.
    Awh, I like my NYX SMLC, but I don’t have any nude shades. Would love to get some though. 🙂

    1. I actually already have the Simple wipes and love them! They’re the first wipes I’ve tried that actually seem to remove everything easily and quickly.
      Mizon is actually a Korean brand, and I got a huge bundle of their sheet masks on Amazon for next to nothing.
      I think I prefer the non-charcoal Yes To Tomatoes sheet mask, at least because it doesn’t have that weird charcoal scent. I also really like the clay mask from that line.
      I do have the SMLC in Stockholm, which is a very pretty pale pinky nude shade, and I believe there’s a more tan-based nude called Abu Dhabi. From what I know, the two are the main nudes in the collection and are pretty pale. Unfortunately, Nyx seems to make most of their liquid nudes in the Lip Lingerie line, and I don’t like the formula.

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