Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer Review

Hi everyone! You’ve probably heard someone raving about the Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer before. It took the beauty world by storm and has seemingly become everyone’s favorite! So the question is – is this worth the hype?

The price:

$25.00 for 0.33 oz/ 10 mL, available only at Ulta.

The packaging:

This concealer comes in a chunky tube that’s both wider and shorter than all of the concealer tubes I’ve seen! It’s a clear plastic tube so you can see the shade. The name Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer is written in purple. The cap is a tribal-ish patterned matte purple and metallic gold – definitely an interesting combo! It’s cool how the gold can look lighter or darker in places based on what it’s reflecting, making the pattern seemingly distort or disappear.

The concealer wand itself is flat-out oversized. For comparison, I showed wands from a Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream, a Becca Spotlight highlighter, and a Mac Vamplify lip gloss. I find that a lot of concealer can cling to the wand, and even after scraping off the excess in the mouth of the tube, it still can deposit way too much product for my undereye. This also makes the mouth of the tube get gunked up with a lot of product very quickly. I don’t know how you’re supposed to use this wand for spot concealing or delicate nose contours.

The shade range:

Tarte Shape Tape has a range of fourteen shades. For some reason I thought there were a lot more than that. Part of it is because there are a lot of lighter shades with different undertones, especially when I consider how many shades are lighter than my skin tone compared to other ranges. If you’re pale, this probably has a good concealer for you. But the darker shade range is tiny, both if you are a darker shade and if you’re looking for a contour. After all, this is the Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer. There are five shades darker than Medium. Of those six, including Medium, only one has cool/pink undertones.

I also want to mention that the shades themselves are very light in comparison to the names that are used. I have two shades, Light Sand and Light-Medium Honey. Light Sand is described as “light skin with yellow undertones” and Light-Medium Honey is described as “light-medium skin with peach undertones”. I’m usually in shades with much lighter names, things like Fair or Porcelain.

This seems like Tarte deliberately named shades darker. After all, the current trend is to lighten your undereye concealer, so if you’re looking to do that you might be buying the same shade name as your foundation. If you want something that is actually in your shade because it’s more natural, it’s off-putting. Personally I prefer going with something a little darker for my concealer because it can cover dark circles better without giving a weird cast to the skin or drawing attention to itself. Light-Medium Honey also has peach undertones, and peach is a color corrector for the purplish cast of dark circles.

The wear:

I normally dab this on my undereye area with the wand, and then blend out with my finger. Afterwards, I set this with a light layer of powder. It’s a pretty straightforward process. I prefer doing my undereye concealer after my foundation/BB cream so that I don’t blend any concealer away like I did below. I also don’t bother with concealing my acne because the normal acne usually looks better than half-covered-up acne where the concealer has changed texture and is a different color than the makeup around it.

The concealer has three claims, and I’ve never even seen two of these together in one concealer before. It’s definitely the highest coverage concealer I’ve tried, and I’m so excited that it can actually cover everything! It also has a thin formula that is easy to work with. Plus, Shape Tape dries down and sets so it won’t budge throughout the day! I love the finish, as well – it looks very natural and stays that way throughout the day. Most other concealers break down, pull apart, or bring attention to my pores throughout the day.

You can see with the different colors that the Light-Medium Honey side looks almost exactly like my skin. With Light Sand, I still can see blueness around the inner corner and redness along the socket line. I actually blended away a little concealer along the Light-Medium Honey side right at the base, and it still covers more. The shade is also a bit less natural-looking. I also applied some BB cream, which is what I normally wear for work, and the Light Sand side stands out from both the paleness and the undertones.

I usually have my makeup on for at least thirteen hours at work. There is suprisingly very little fading or creasing throughout the day. I have a few wrinkle/crease spots on my undereye area where concealer settles when I first apply it. That concealer doesn’t budge because it sets on its own. Usually with other concealers, the inside area of the thick layer of product doesn’t set and the product migrates throughout the day.

The verdict:

There is a reason why Tarte Shape Tape has taken the world by storm. Quite simply, it’s almost everything most of us are looking for in a concealer. I used to hate using concealer because it never actually covered anything and would crease and change texture throughout the day. Now, I don’t care about it at all! It’s easy to work with and comfortable.

The darker shade range seems limited. The oversize wand is also a drawback to me because it makes a mess and applies extra product without any benefits. These are the two main flaws that I see.

-xo, Andi

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