Sephora Play Unboxing September 2017

Sephora Play Unboxing September 2017

Hi guys! It’s time for this month’s Sephora Play unboxing! Want to know what’s in my box this month?

The service:

Sephora curates a set of six products each month (one is usually a perfume and the rest are a mix of makeup, skincare, body, and hair), all for $10. Each bag comes with a detailed fold-out info sheet with information about each product, as well as a card for 50 Beauty Insider points. There’s an option to learn more about the products in-store at a special monthly event, as well. One of my favorite aspects of the subscription service is the balance between fitting the theme and personalizing the contents to match things like coloring and skin type.

The theme:

Fall Into Beauty. I’m somewhat ready for fall. August has been cold and rainy this year (seriously, it’s the first year that I don’t remember a drought) so the leaves have already started changing! Of course, it’s since gotten hot and muggy again, so who knows?

The bag:

I love the switch to silk lame (with the accent on the end). It was a luxurious little touch! And this is possibly my first month where I actually did like the phrase written on it with no problems. I’m a little surprised by the shade of pink chosen for the bag, as it doesn’t really match the red accents everywhere else, but otherwise it’s a winner!

The goodies:

Benefit Gimme Brow in 05
Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil 12H Wear Waterproof in Black Lace
Algenist POWER Recharing Night Pressed Serum
Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick in Amulet
Belif the True Cream Aqua Bomb
Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Shampoo and Conditioner

The Benefit Gimme Brow:

I reviewed this here about two years ago, using the shade Light/Medium (before the change in naming). I normally use shade 03 daily. Shade 05 is a bit darker than I’m used to, which is doable, and much cooler-toned, which is less so. Or at least, I’m used to warmer tones. Maybe I can get away with this shade. I do love the formula, as it keeps my brows in place all day, and love how easy-to-use the tiny brush is. Here’s a messy brow look using 05 on the left and 03 on the right, for comparison. It’s subtle but there.

The Sephora Collection eyeliner in Black Lace:

I’m not going to use this right now. I currently have too many black eyeliners. I’d have rather received a colored eyeliner like a chocolate brown or a cool gray or a muted purple. Something fun and different for fall that would get use. Subscription boxes, please stop sending black eyeliners.

The Algenist serum:

The serum is in a balm or cream formula, and it’s fun to use. This also smells great like berries. It seems a slight bit irritating on a large part of my face. It also didn’t mix well with my eye cream. The instructions say to avoid the eye area, but there was a spot where this and my eye cream overlapped. I may have to see if this doesn’t get along with another product. I did notice that my skin looked and felt a bit better after using this.

The Urban Decay liquid lipstick in Amulet:

This goes on looking matte but it seems to develop glitter over time? It starts looking glittery at some point. The shade is that sort of brick rosy chestnut that’s just a little bolder than I’m comfortable wearing to work, but is still very pretty and very much up my alley.

The Belif moisturizer:

I love this stuff! I first reviewed it here and do already have a larger size at home.

The Bumble and Bumble shampoo and conditioner:

There’s no perfume this month! I’m not sure if Sephora does this now and again, or if something happened with the perfume sample this month, or if the box is stopping the perfume samples altogether. I enjoyed both the shampoo and conditioner, other than the fact that they were both nearly impossible to open. It seemed like I used less product than normal for both of these and they still worked fine! I probably can get three uses out of the shampoo, but used up all of the conditioner at once (I have very thick, long hair).

The verdict:

A decent-ish box. Two things that aren’t great for me simply from what they are, one that I won’t use for a long time, and three/four good products. While the Belif Aqua Bomb is my favorite product of the box, the fact that it’s something I already own is disappointing. I enjoyed the little upgrade to the box, as well!

-xo, Andi

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  1. Nice, I got all of these products except the shampoo and conditioner, mine were from the brand IGK. I can’t wait to create a look with the makeup samples, the lipstick is actually my first from UD so I’m excited to have it as it’s different than what I have.

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