Stila Star Studded Eight Liquid Lipstick Set

Stila Star Studded Eight Liquid Lipstick Set

Hi guys! I was browsing through the holiday releases listed on Temptalia a while back and came across some interesting sets by Stila. Chief among them was obviously this set of eight liquid lipsticks, the Star Studded Eight. Stila’s formula is perhaps my favorite. Also, I don’t own any of these shades. The set seemed like a match made in heaven!

The price:

$46.00 for the set, which is a great value! Each liquid lipstick costs $5.75 for 0.05 oz of product. In comparison, a full-size liquid lipstick costs $22.00 for 0.1 oz of product. If you bought a mini at the same price per ounce as the full size, it would cost $11.00, almost twice the cost compared to in the set. Likewise, for the amount of product you’re getting (0.4 oz, AKA 4 full-sized lipsticks’ worth), it would cost $88.00. And if you bought all eight shades as full-size products (assuming you can, as three shades are currently exclusive to the set), it would cost $176.

The packaging:

The outer packaging has a gold-and-white pattern that I believe is standard for Stila. I usually prefer something special for holiday sets, as it sets them apart and makes them more memorable. Stila’s base packaging can be seen as appropriate for the holidays, but I wish there was more. The gold includes some textured screw heads on all six sides, which is a nice touch. It reminds me of a girl’s jewelry box or music box.

The eight shades are displayed in two clear cutouts. One holds the six standard shades, and the other showcases the two special liquid lipsticks – the shimmers. Stila’s shimmery liquid lipsticks are scheduled to be released in Spring 2018, so this is a peek preview of what is to come. While the text does say this, the color scheme lacks contrast so people may pass by these without realizing they’re new.

The liquid lipsticks themselves come in standard packaging. Stila uses more gold for the lettering and the cap. The two very different gold colors and finishes clash a bit, but the gold looks gorgeous against the lipstick shades.


The mattes:

These are probably the shades that people are more familiar with. You’ve undoubtedly seen them in subscription boxes, on Instagram, or in stores.


Described on Ulta’s website as a “pale dusty rose”. I’d call this a pale cool-toned pink. When I first tried it on, I thought it was more of a pale pinky nude, which is honestly unwearable on me because the undertone is so wrong. A real pink is much better and every time I put this on, I like it more and more.


Stila Star Studded Eight

Described on Ulta’s website as a “dusty rose”. Again, I feel like it’s a bit more pink than a true rose, but it’s still a very pretty shade. This is one of the shades I’ve seen the most, and it’s exciting to own it!


Described on Ulta’s website as a “magenta plum”. I’d say that’s an accurate description. I will likely get very little use from this shade on its own as I wear red glasses and the shade is similar enough in tone and vibrancy without actually being red.


Stila Star Studded Eight

Described on Ulta’s website as a “deep plum”. Again, it’s a good description. The full-face picture makes it look more gray-brown, but it does have more of a purple tone. The shade itself was somewhat sheer and needed a second layer. I found that the area of my lower lip closest to my mouth didn’t hold much color and that it would transfer before it could set. I probably laid down color four or five times. It’s probably just from my makeup remover, but the few other shades where it occurred included a shade I’ve worn for years.


Stila Star Studded Eight

Described on Ulta’s website as a “beet red”. I actually really like this dark red. I’d usually call any darker red more of a brick tone, and this is no exception. I’d also describe this as cranberry. And again, the full-face picture makes it look a lot darker and more muted, and the shade itself is a bit patchy and needs to be layered.


Stila Star Studded Eight

Described on Ulta’s website as a “warm rose”. I do not see warm rose at all when I look at this! Both in the tube and swatched on the arm, it looks more like a brown shade with simultaneous gray and rosy undertones. On the lips, it looks like a gray-brown with maybe a hint of mauve. It’s definitely a color to play around with! I don’t have any shades that look anything like this either on the lips or swatched. The shade is also exclusive to the set, from what I see online.

The shimmers:

Obviously, onto the new releases! These will probably be very hyped, as I rarely hear of such early prereleases, especially available to the public rather than reviewers/influencers.

Patina Shimmer:

Described on Ulta’s website as a “dusty rose with shimmer”. I find the shimmer effect less noticeable than on Beso Shimmer, and is more between a shimmer and a metallic lip. The shimmery element seems finer than the shimmer lipsticks I own, but the overall effect is of a larger shift like a metallic lip. Patina Shimmer is warmer than the original matte Patina.

Beso Shimmer:

Described on Ulta’s website as a “true red with shimmer”. I love me some Beso, and this was stunning! I’m unsure if it was simply from a bolder shade, but Beso Shimmer seems so much more intense than Patina Shimmer! I would describe this as a metallic instead of a shimmer (that said, I don’t own any metallic lippies for comparison). The photos don’t really do this justice. The shade of the light does make a difference in the shimmer, but it seems to be a bit more pink than the matte Beso. Apparently Beso is also streakier, which I never noticed before. The missing product on my inner lower lip strikes again!

The wear:

I find this formula so comfortable for a liquid lipstick. You can probably tell simply from the fact that my lips aren’t all that dry by the end of swatching all these shades. The formula is more creamy and mousse-like. Towards the end of the day, my lips may begin to feel dry, but that’s after 10+ hours of wear and retouching as needed.

I find the wear pretty standard for a liquid lipstick – good until I eat something greasy. I’d say it’s a touch less transfer-proof than some of my other formulas but still great.

The collection:

Stila Star Studded Eight

As a whole, these shades all work together really well. The set looks gorgeous together and some of the combinations for ombre looks are so obvious. Not everyone will mix shades, but those who do will appreciate it. A lot of these shades seem especially good for fall transitioning into winter, such as Rubino and Chianti. It’s an odd decision for a holiday set (meant to be gifted) rather than a fall set. But if you’re like me and treat yourself to makeup rather than hope someone else buys the right set, it’s perfectly timed!

The verdict:

This set has been phenomenal! If you’re looking for multiple shades of liquid lipstick, I’d highly recommend the Star Studded Eight!

-xo, Andi

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2 thoughts on “Stila Star Studded Eight Liquid Lipstick Set”

  1. Honestly, Perla looks soooooo goood on you!!! I almost want to say it goes well with your skin tone.
    This little set looks amazing though, i like that there’s a nice range of shades from nude to vampy 🙂

    1. Thanks! I think the first time I wore Perla, I was looking at it in warm yellow light and it just washed out the shade or something. And this set really does have a great selection!

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