Palette Bingo

Palette Bingo

Hi guys! Lately I’ve been out of playing around with makeup. For a while, every time I’d do a look it felt like the same old things. The colors may have been different, but the placement and techniques were not. So I decided to do a quick little Palette Bingo. Rossy at at AyrGalaxy and Naomi at Disaster Davis have a monthly collab with this and got the idea from Beth at Everything & Nothin’, who had found the idea from a YouTuber.

Speaking of, now that work has cooled down a bit and due to a week of time off and the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ll be trying to post three times a week (my usual Monday and Thursday along with Saturday). I just have so much content that I’ve planned out but never got around to finishing or posting.

And now onto the look!

The rules:

  1. Choose a palette.
  2. Cut out numbers and letters for the rows and columns.
  3. Pick five coordinates out of a hat.
  4. Make an eye look using all five shades.

I’m using the Coastal Scents Eye Shadow Ultra Palette with 88 shades, and am also using a random number generator.

The shades:

My coordinates are B8, A11, F9, E10, and G7. Luckily, the shades are pretty cohesive with the shades of pink and a brown neutral.

The look:

I used the purple in my crease, more as a transition shade. I then went in with the two pinks on my lid and lower lash line. The purple was used again on the upper and lower lash line (closer than the pink) for a smoky effect. I then went in with the brown on my upper crease. That brown was a bit overpowering, and I should have used a thinner brush or gone over with the pinks. After this, it was just the pale blue-ish shade on my inner corner.

I actually forget about what other makeup I was wearing this day, as it’s been a couple weeks since I did this. I think the lip shade is Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Mother. The brows should be Benefit Gimme Brow in shade 3 along with either Benefit Precisely My Brow pencil in 4 or Ofra Brow Pencil in Universal Taupe. Probably also the Maybelline MasterStudio pen liner. But otherwise, I’m not really sure. Also, please excuse the poor light and photo quality. I’ve since upgraded from an old, inexpensive point-and-shoot to my new DSLR. Very excited!

The final verdict:

I thought Palette Bingo was really fun! Having to think about how to use all of the colors let me think about the eye look in a different way. I think a second pass using these colors might have made the look better, as I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the placement here. That said, I know both Rossy and Naomi say the same thing all the time, so I’m not as put-out by it.

I might do more of these from time to time, but I’ll probably just post them on Instagram instead.

-xo, Andi

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2 thoughts on “Palette Bingo”

  1. Hey you tried it! Nice! I actually really like it, I think it looks kind of romantic 🙂
    And isn’t it funny when you think “I don’t know if I like it” but someone else does? 🙂
    I’m so glad you tried it and I’m glad that you thought it was fun, I’d definitely love to see more! xx

    1. I think it’s something about the pictures that gets to me – it looks good with my eyes open, but then I close them and the photos wash out my crease so it just looks like a big block of brown. And what’s that saying – you’re always your own worst critic? And yes it definitely was lots of fun!

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