Smashbox Drawn In Decked Out Shadow + Highlight Palette Set

Smashbox Drawn In Decked Out Shadow + Highlight Palette Set

Hi everyone! I’m back with another review, this time of a cute holiday set. May I present the Smashbox Drawn In Decked Out Shadow + Highlight Palette Set! Smashbox’s holiday collection is all called Drawn In Decked Out. I’ve gone into Ulta and Sephora and swatched the Cover Shot palettes before. At one point, I saw one that I thought I’d actually really like, but decided against getting it that day. I haven’t seen it in stores since, but the Sultry Palette in this set looked like it.

The contents:

This comes with two full-size Cover Shot palettes, Ablaze and Sultry. It also comes with a travel size of the Spotlight Palette in Pearl, which is a set of three highlighters. There are also stickers designed by Anna Strumpf, who also designed the packaging.

Sultry is apparently a limited edition palette. It’s possible that I got it confused with a different palette, perhaps Golden Hour. The box doesn’t say that Sultry is exclusive to the set or anything.

The price:

$39.00. This is incredible considering that one Cover Shot palette costs $29.00. The total value listed on the box is $77.00, meaning the highlight palette and stickers together are worth $19.00. The Cover Shot palettes come with 0.21 oz/ 6.2 g of product, while the Spotlight palette comes with 0.17 oz/ 5.1 g. For reference, the $35.00 full-size Spotlight palette comes with 0.30 oz, so the travel size is a little over half the size. If the travel size cost the same amount per ounce as the full size, it would cost around $19.83.

The packaging:

The three palettes come laid out side-by-side within a typical cardboard box. All four products tie into the Anna Strumpf-designed holiday collection, called Drawn In. Decked out. What stood out to me was definitely this gray-on-black snowflake tissue paper. The palettes were essentially wrapped up like a present! I didn’t find these dark shades seasonal, though. The sticker sheet was included in the box but not wrapped in the paper. The To/From lipstick stickers made little sense to me.

Pearl’s travel packaging is the same as the Cover Shot packaging. I like how they all can stack on top of each other. The three palettes are color-coded, which makes it super easy to tell which is which. Sultry uses a similar dark purple to the cool tones of the shadows inside. That said, the shade is still a lot darker than the other two. And while I do understand why the Pearl Palette may be pink, where does the blue for the Ablaze Palette come from? Orange might make more sense, considering the shades inside.

It took a little while for me to warm up to the “holographic” movement/effect of the palettes. The effects are made from a lot of little movements, with some patterns moving in lines and some things just shifting around a little. It’s underwhelming at first, especially considering the gorgeous exploding color clouds of the original Cover Shot palettes. I also wish that there was a little more pink on the Pearl Palette, as it’s missing from the diamond pattern and a section that is colored at certain angles. I wish the design of Pearl was either more unique or that the other two palettes were different so that it doesn’t feel so “odd man out”.

The shades:

The Sultry Palette:


Bliss: A creamy matte bone/tan shade. It blends in easily with my skin.

Glitz: A shimmery pale cool-toned pink.

Hang: Cool-toned gray-brown.

Platinum: Shimmery silver-gray.

Stone: A medium cool gray-brown. Very creamy, a darker version of Hang.

Bordeaux: A dark shimmery taupe-y purple/plum.

Black Currant: A matte dark plum/berry. It has more pink than Bordeaux.

Dark Cocoa: A cool-toned matte brown.

The Ablaze Palette:

Relaxed: A pale peachy cream shade. I feel like it’s closer to my skin tone than Bliss above, but it’s a little more vibrant and maybe a tad darker.

Moccasin: A shimmery orange-y gold. The shimmer particles are larger than in other shades, or this has a touch of glitter, or something.

Siesta: Kind of a salmon shimmer. I’ve never owned anything quite like this shade before!

Nirvana: A berry pink matte. It’s a touch unpigmented. There’s some sparkle in the pan, but it doesn’t translate on the eyes or in a swatch.

Delirious: A shimmery dark pink rust or burnished copper shade? It’s really hard to describe.

Torch: A pumpkin orange satin with gold glitter.

Throwback: A matte rust shade.

Dark Horse: A brown matte. It is much warmer than and a touch lighter than Dark Cocoa. The undertone is more red/maroon, cooler than the rest of the Ablaze palette, but is pretty warm compared to the blue undertone in Dark Cocoa.

The Pearl Palette:

Turn It On: A pale white gold.

Crank It Up: A pale warm pink.

Blow A Fuse: A pale pink with some glitter.

The formulas:

I found most of the matte eyeshadows to be extremely creamy and buttery. The shimmers were softer. Black Currant was the only exception for eyeshadow, and it was powdery and incredibly dry. Torch was also a little powdery and soft in my finger swatch, and some excess product pulled under my finger. I haven’t noticed kickback on any other shade.

The first two highlights were also incredibly creamy, but Blow A Fuse is extremely dry and almost rough. I think that’s from the glitter.

The use:

Hang and Stone were both a bit darker than I expected. I’d gone in expecting Stone to be a good transition shade for a work look, but it’s more suited to a cool smoky eye. I had to blend it out, use Hang, and add Bliss to balance it out. Otherwise, I did really like the Sultry Palette, as I expected.

I’m torn over Ablaze. I’m not big on very warm palettes, and am not used to going in with such bright matte shades on my crease, especially for everyday. A warm tan shade would have been easier to use, and maybe would have made more sense than Nirvana. The other two shades on the “pink” side of the palette are still warm and orange-y, so Nirvana is both the odd man out and the worst shade of the bunch.

The two palettes together seem a little odd. I doubt they’re meant to be cohesive together, especially considering some of the similar shades.

As far as the highlights, I actually prefer both pink tones over Turn It On. I prefer a more subtle highlight, and Turn It On is just too bold. I did manage to sheer it out some when applying, but the other two simply apply better and match my skin tone more. Even with all the glitter in Blow A Fuse! Apparently Blow A Fuse is also meant to be a top coat or transforming shade or something and can be applied on top of the other shades. I haven’t tried it that way.

The verdict:

I would recommend the Smashbox Drawn In Decked Out Shadow + Highlight Palette if you’re looking for even just one of these palettes. The price point compared to the regular Cover Shot and Spotlight palettes really makes it worthwhile in my opinion. Some of the packaging choices do seem off, but all three products in this set are good quality and are enjoyable even without the packaging.

-xo, Andi

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