BareMinerals The Hidden Treasures Palette

BareMinerals The Hidden Treasures Palette

Hi guys! I’m back with another eyeshadow palette review! This time it’s the BareMinerals The Hidden Treasures Palette. A few years ago, I saw BareMinerals’ holiday set of loose mineral eyeshadow. At the time I was experimenting with loose shadow, and some of the shades were calling my name! I ultimately pressed them, but was interested in an already-pressed format so I wouldn’t mess up any shades. So of course I was interesting in the holiday 2017 palette!

The price:

Originally $46.00, which I paid. BareMinerals has lowered the price on their website down to $23.00 and Ulta shows it at $27.60. Sephora does not list it on their site, but it may have sold out? Brick-and-mortar stores could possibly have it at a reduced price, as well. You get eighteen shades at $2.56 per shade (at full price). The palette has 0.54 oz, meaning it costs $85.19 per ounce (full price).

The packaging:

BareMinerals went for shiny gold and matte white. The palette itself has the white design on gold, which is hard to see in some instances, but the box was flipped – gold on white. Strangely enough, though, there are no real gold shades in the palette so the name and packaging are a tad misleading. The interior has a mirror the size of the lid, which is definitely appealing. I also enjoy how thin the palette is and how strong the magnet is.

The shades:

What is up with this naming convention? For one thing, why number the shades? They have names for a reason. These names are also incredibly random. It seems like BareMinerals cobbled together shades from four different collections with four different naming conventions, and then any new shades received festive names for a holiday palette. I’d mind names like Boardroom or Nude Beach less if Sugar Cookie and Silver Bells weren’t mixed in.

  1. Ivory – pale ivory matte
  2. Ecru – tan matte
  3. Santorini – taupe shimmer
  4. Stellar -warm bronze shimmer
  5. Wheat – warm light brown
  6. Boardroom – dark cool chocolate brown
  7. Merry – pale pink shimmer (it looks more matte in the swatch because it’s slightly out of focus)
  8. Sugar Cookie – muted pale pink matte
  9. Nude Beach – cool light pink shimmer
  10. Gemstone – rose gold shimmer
  11. Queen Tiffany Matte – cool taupe-y brown
  12. Good Spirits – warm cinnamony brown
  13. Curtsy – silvery white satin (or possibly a matte with lots of glitter flecks)
  14. Payday – pale warm gray
  15. Silver Bells – silver shimmer
  16. Priceless – cool blue-ish gray matte
  17. Cheers – gray shimmer
  18. VIP – nearly-black matte with gold sparkles. The sparkles don’t show up on the eye or in the swatch.

I messed up Curtsy when I first swatched it. I’d used a makeup remover wipe to clean my fingers up as I swatched, and my finger must have been damp from the makeup remover. The top of the shade developed a hard bump. I’ve seen this before with other shades (usually from wetting brushes) but it does change how the shade applies. It’s described as a “shimmering snowflake” on Ulta’s website, but I see it more between a satin and a matte rather than a shimmer.

The use:

I do like this formula. Even on days when I don’t use an eye primer, it applies very well. The shimmers do still catch the light and have dimension, when several other kinds I own look flatter. There is some creasing and fading without a primer, but I’ve definitely had worse. I get around 6+ hours of wear before it starts breaking down. With a primer, though, it will last 12-14 hours easily.

There is one aspect I’m not thrilled about, and it’s the numbers of similar shades. The selection of dark shades is lacking, as you’ve got Boardroom, VIP, Cheers, and possibly Queen Tiffany Matte and Good Spirits, depending on the look being created. I’m honestly not a fan of black shadows outside of super dramatic black smoky looks, so I only really have two choices for a dark shadow to complete my everyday look. That’s not always enough.

But at the same time, there are several unnecessary pale shades, especially the mattes. Payday is a bit darker than the others and has a more unique gray shade, but with how I use pale mattes (sheered out or mixed with shimmers along my browbone), Ivory, Ecru, and Sugar Cookie are nearly identical. So why have all three? Especially as there’s only one shimmer and one satin in the same shade range. Based on how many other shades are mid-toned shimmers, I’d expect to have another pale shimmer or two to finish off a shimmery look.

The three rows seem relatively complete on their own, and do get rid of some of the oddball overlaps of color. It almost seems like each row should have been an individual palette of six shades. The three palettes could have been sold as a bundle for the holiday season, similar to the Smashbox Cover Shot palettes (review here), or on their own.

The verdict:

From a review standpoint, the Bare Minerals Hidden Treasure Palette is pretty much a mixed bag so far. For the current reduced prices I’d say this palette could be pretty good. But I would not have recommended this to anyone at its full price tag of $46.00. It’s more of just being such a big palette with three rather separate color schemes that don’t work together as well as they should. Eighteen shades are a lot, and they’re just not all fully cohesive together. The shade selection is better suited to a trio of mini palettes, similar to the Smashbox holiday set.

That said, I do like that these are pretty well-developed ranges on their own. Take a look at my Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons review to see how¬†not to make a pink-and-gray neutral palette. I’d prefer a slightly bolder pink shade mixed in, as this is truly a neutral palette, but that’s just preference.

-xo, Andi

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