December 2017 Empties

December 2017 Empties

Hi guys! It’s time to take a look at my empties! This month was another small month – maybe I should start doing bi-monthly reviews, if this keeps up. If you couldn’t tell by the number of posts I made, beauty just hasn’t really been on my mind as much recently. But anyway, let’s get right into it!

The skincare:

Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure mud mask: Read my review here! My thoughts are still very similar. Would I repurchase? Maybe – I’d probably try other masks first.

Clarins Toning Lotion: This toner didn’t do a lot, especially for the price. I’d rather have a more hydrating or refreshing toner. Would I repurchase? No.

Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil: Mini-review here. I liked this face oil. It left my skin feeling healthy, soft, and moisturized. Plus it didn’t break me out! Would I repurchase? Maybe – I’m still experimenting with face oils!

Laneige Bright Renew Cream: I thought this was going to be more of an illuminating moisturizer, but it’s not. It’s very thick and takes a while to rub into the skin. I needed to really work it into the skin in the mornings before applying makeup. But it didn’t really do a ton for my skin. Would I repurchase? No.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion: This is a bit more watery than I’m used to. I didn’t really notice much or care about this when I used it. It just was average. Would I repurchase? No.

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizer: Mini-review here. I’ve actually changed my mind with this and did enjoy it. The moisturizer just doesn’t play well with certain other products, so it sinks into the skin much easier. It’s nicely moisturizing. Would I repurchase? No.

The sheet masks:

Yes To Tomatoes Clear Skin Acne Fighting Paper Mask: I opened this up, smelled the alcohol, figured I’d still wear it, and then took it off two minutes later when I changed my mind. I don’t like denatured alcohol in my toners, as they dry the face out, so I sure don’t want it placed on my face for 10+ minutes! Would I repurchase? No.

Skinfood Seaweed Gel Mask: This gel mask was a little irritating on the eyes. It also wasn’t cut well, with ragged edges on one eye and along the rest of the top half, and that irritated my undereye even more. The shape was also all wrong. The top half was way too tall, meaning it went into my hair and slipped down below my nostrils (aka hard to breathe) but the eyes were too wide so it didn’t really touch the bridge of my nose. My face felt too sticky and the hydration seemed more of a surface condition. Would I repurchase? No.

Mizon Acerola Sheet Mask: This one smelled great and applied well! I do really like these Mizon masks, and it made my skin feel healthy and hydrated. It also smelled like a sweet berry. Would I repurchase? Yes.

It’s Skin Rose Mask: I found this at my local World Market store, and it was great! I love rose masks, and it was effective, calming, and hydrating. The fit was a little big but workable and the product sunk into my skin well without leaving a goopy, sticky feeling. Would I repurchase? Yes.

The makeup:

Marcelle mascara: My only makeup product this month! My eyes were getting irritated, and I’m not sure if that was from this or one of a million other things. It also was just a so-so mascara, nothing phenomenal. Not much length or volume. Would I repurchase? No.

The random:

Up & Up Basic Cotton Rounds: I’ve said it every time I finish off a package of these. I love how Target always has the same kinds of cotton rounds. Walmart always seems to have a different brand, size, or style, and drugstores are just too expensive. These are consistent and pretty good. Not much else I need to say about them! Would I repurchase? A hundred times YES!

Formula 10.0.6 So Totally Clean Acne Treatment: I’ve also talked about this a ton. I love this toner for body acne, as I can just apply it with a cotton round morning and night. It’s faster and easier than using an acne body wash. Would I repurchase? Again, a hundred times YES!

Overall this month was a little disappointing. December breezed by, and I forgot about/didn’t get through some of the things I thought I would. I’ve never had a month with only one makeup product before.

I’m planning on starting a Project Pan series starting in the new year. I loved following the one that Sam at Beauty Blush did. I never really talk about the products I’m trying to finish off, or if I set any goals for things other than emptying them. I also don’t talk a lot about products I’m using, other than in reviews, so I want to better document them. My Project Pan is pretty large, and I tried choosing products I want to use up but need to work towards. I have a few other blog-related resolutions for 2018, so stick around for some changes!

-xo, Andi

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2 thoughts on “December 2017 Empties”

  1. I really want to try the Pores Be Pure mud mask. I’ve only tried their Deep Down Detox cleansing mud mask, and I like it. And I think it’s a decent amount of products, I could never finish that many in one month, at least I don’t think so.

    1. I haven’t tried the Deep Down Detox – when I bought Pores Be Pure, I was torn between the two! It seems like I just slowly use up fewer and fewer products each month. Some of this is probably from the fact that I didn’t finish off any makeup, perfume, body, or hair products (the mascara is unfinished). I try to keep track of products to finish off, and there are still a couple that are taking way longer than I expected, which is a bit of a disappointment. Maybe I just overthink my empties lol

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